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Cafe in Northern California Charges Extra $5 To Customers Who Wear a Mask or Brag About Getting Vaccinated

SOURCE: Erin Agius on

Now and then there is a story that renews my faith in the American spirit. This is one of those stories.

A restaurant in Northern California is now charging customers an additional fee if they wear a face diaper inside their restaurant or if they are heard “bragging” about being vaccinated for COVID-19. Yes! That is the American spirit that wasn’t destroyed by the tyrannical lockdowns.

Customers in Mendocino, California who visit Fiddleheads Cafe, are being greeted with a sign posted on the restaurant’s front door warning them about the new surcharge.


The sign tells customers they will be hit with an “additional $5 fee” if they are “caught bragging” about having been vaccinated for COVID-19. The sign says that all proceeds collected from the pandemic-related fines will be “donated to local charities assisting domestic abuse victims.”

It’s like the restaurant owners are giving the double-barreled middle finger, or what in my neck of the woods is referred to as “the Welcome to Philadelphia” hand gesture, to Gavin Newsom himself.

Cafe owner Chris Castleman told KNTV-TV that some customers have paid the fee while some others have responded with incensed fury.

Castleman ultimately characterized the fee as an optional donation to charity [with a sense of humor and the American spirit] and suggested that he implemented the fee to show how “freedom of choice” has become a “foreign concept” in the Democrat-controlled hell hole known as the state of California.

“Customers either love it or hate it,” Castleman said. “There are people who refuse to pay it; I guess a $5 donation to charity is too much for them. Others have gladly paid it knowing that it goes to a good cause. I don’t force anyone to pay, I give them the freedom of choice, which seems to be a foreign concept in these parts of the country.” Those would probably be Democrats.

In a different interview, Castleman alluded to a common refrain used during the pandemic that wearing a face covering is a “small price to pay” to protect yourself and others from catching the COVID-19 virus.

“I’ve been told this whole time that wearing a mask is a small price to pay,” Castleman told SFGate. “Some people get shocked by the sign but to see them turn around and get disgusted … when they’re asked to pay $5 [for charity], it’s not in their wheelhouse. It’s not something they’re choosing to do.” Again, must be Democrats.

The owner is taking a big risk by doing this program because face masks are still required in Mendocino County, where his cafe is situated, including inside restaurants when patrons are not eating or drinking. Restaurants are also hit with a limited capacity order of 50 percent.

One can understand Castleman’s misgivings about the government’s mitigation orders for his cafe. His restaurant is how he earns a living and after the scandal of Governor Gavin Newsom broke where he was spotted at the French Laundry fancy pants restaurant with a group of friends sitting around a table not social distancing and no one wearing masks, you can understand how frustrating it can be when your livelihood is being put on hold while the people who have their boot on your neck so to speak get to do whatever they want.

This isn’t the first time Castleman has voiced his opinion on pandemic mitigation rules.

Back in April, he put up a sign outside the restaurant:


I for one applaud him for his efforts to remind everyone that we are supposed to be a free people living in a free nation. If you ever find yourself on Lansing Street in Mendocino, Ca, make sure to stop in and order something from the menu, and don’t wear a mask.

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