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CA Pastor will not Yield to Gov. Newsome, Holds Church Service, “I said Worship and That Makes us in Violation”

Sunday morning a brave Pastor and a brave American congregation defied California State government orders, joined by pastors and visitors from around the country who were ignoring demands that they not meet, that the Pastor not preach to his congregation, and that together they not worship the Lord in person.

However today they mutually refused to obey the Governor and they all stood together for the reading from the Word of God.

Supporters protested the Governor’s orders.

“If we yield to what the Governer demands and we stop worshiping will the Governor be light on us and not arrest us? This government doesn’t give us our rights, God gave us our rights” Pastor Rob McCoy said.

McCoy openly defied the government and preached on “the battle belonging to the Lord” to a full house who raised their hands in worship while the praise leaders sang.

McCoy said the government was putting their feet on the necks of the church and read from 1 Corinthians 9.

“We have the right to worship and no government can tell us to stop. I promised my Pastors in this community and I have been blessed with great support.  People have flown to be here right now to support us. Pastors have been supportive, even if they, themselves, are not opened,” McCoy said.


The sermon went live on Sunday after an epic battle with the State, that has gone on for months, one where the Church was given demands to shut down by far-left radical Governor Gavin Newsome who has been gunning for churches with demands that churches refrain from singing as worship and meeting in person.

Newsome claims health concerns over church meetings while watching numerous violent uprisings and protests, saying nothing about health concerns.

Evangelical Christians noted the double standard and refused to comply with Newsome’s demands for weeks.

Sunday’s service was watched online from around the country.

“I called this worship and I am now in violation and that is ok.  Our Legal Counsel does not want us to use that word that is ok, they are watching out for us, but that is what we are doing here.  We are worshiping.  I don’t know what is going to happen today.  I don’t know what to expect. But you are free to worship,” said Pastor Rob McCoy to his congregation, Sunday morning.

McCoy had been issued a restraining order demanding he adheres to health orders forcing churches to refrain from meeting in person.

“People here may get up and walk out in protest of what I am doing,” McCoy said to the congregation. “But there is no Ceasar who can tell us we can not worship,” he said.

In an interesting twist of fate McCoy stands for God, as Newsom is called “Ceasar”.

Christians know this one well: “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s” Matthew 22: 21

As of the time of publish there was no word on whether McCoy or anyone from the church had been arrested.

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