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‘Buy-cott’ Defeats Boycott as Goya Names AOC “Employee of the Month” for Massive Increase in Sales

In a recent radio podcast, the owner of Goya Foods, Bob Unanue, was on the Michael Berry Show to talk about the Business and talked about his faith in God, which drove people like US Rep. Alexandria Cortez (D-NY) to get enraged and demand people boycott the business. Her demands had the opposite effect.

According to Unanue AOC increased company sales by 1000%, so he named her “Employee of the Month”.

“Goya supports veterans and is a company steeped in Americanism,”Berry said. “We represent home, and there is an emotional connection with the food we make,” Unanue said. “We keep it authentic to Mexicans and Latinos Hispanics; we love to give them exciting cuisine,” he said.

“We do well in recessions with our rice and beans, we give nutritious food to food banks and that is helpful in these times. beans and rice is a staple, ” he said.

“Company founded in 1936 by Unanue’s Grandfather. My Grandfather was a marketer, and he understood the attraction for a painter and ought the name from a painter for one dollar; we are the second-largest Latino country in the world. We import from all over the world, and our biggest product is our beans. We all have our favorite beans, including the Indian community. We have grown a lot and stayed opened, and our employees have been courageous. It weighs heavy on me, and we have a purpose, God, Family, and work. We are worried about the restaurant business while the governors and CEOS of the states are themselves dining; it is like Animal Farm, with the shutdowns of the economies. It is killing our economy. We are open in a few states but around the country. Look at California shut down; it is politics. Because we have done well doesn’t make me feel so great. The shutdown is killing the spirit of the country. In my 66 years, I fear for our country. We need to get closer to God. The Holy Spirit put on my lips that we are blessed. We donated two Million pounds of food. “

Goya got push back over that, and there was massive push back from the left. Including demands for a boycott by the left who attempted to destroy his business because he talked about God.

“I was there, at the White House to be named to the Hispanic Commission on Prosperity, when the controversy happened, and I think it was really over my use of the name of God, and that is so sad.

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