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Busted: Team Biden Caught Without Evidence to Prove Major Russia and ISIS Claims

U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan from the East Room of the White House on Aug. 16. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images

Aren’t you ashamed of yourselves for not following the Biden line blindly? White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki and State Department spokesman Ned Price are in utter disbelief that you are not willing to trust their word? You know, like the jobs report that shows 487,000 new jobs were created at the same time that ADP shows that the economy lost over 300,000 jobs? How do payrolls decrease by over 300k and yet jobs, increase by 487k?

Jen Psaki was asked about the alleged raid in Syria that allegedly killed ISIS terrorist leader  Amir Mohammed Said Abd al-Rahman al-Mawla. Remember when President Trump ordered the assassination of Quds leader  Qassem Suleimani? The former vice-president joined other White House hopefuls in criticizing the president’s order, saying it could leave the US “on the brink of a major conflict across the Middle East”.

Of course, it didn’t but now that Biden allegedly ordered the killing of al-Mawla, not only is it not dangerous, but Biden goes on national TV to spike the ball. Two women and four children were killed, but the Biden administration says that the terrorists blew the women and children up themselves because we would never do such a thing.  This is despite the fact that is exactly what they did in Afghanistan when they blew up 7 innocent children and then lied about it for days.

Here is the questioning of Psaki:

From the transcript:

Q.  Jen, will there be any, like, evidence or, like, release to support the idea — I mean, I know the U.S. has put out its statement that, you know, they detonated the bomb themselves. But will the U.S. provide any evidence? Because there may be people that are skeptical of the events that took place and what happened to the civilians.

MS. PSAKI: Skeptical of the U.S. military’s assessment when they went and took out an ISIS terror- — the leader of ISIS?

Q. Yes.

MS. PSAKI: That they are not providing accurate information … and ISIS is providing accurate information?

Q. Well, not ISIS, but, I mean, the U.S. has not always been straightforward about what happens with civilians. And, I mean, that is a fact.

It’s simple. Do you believe in the most corrupt government the world has ever known or do you believe ISIS?

At a separate press briefing, the State Department represented by State Department spokesman Ned Price, made the case that Russia is planning a fake attack on itself in order to invade Ukraine. Again, with absolutely no proof. Just take their word on it.

From the transcript:

LEE: I mean, I’m not saying that they’re not. But you just come out and say this and expect us just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it’s actually true – other than when I ask or when anyone else asks what’s the information, you said, well, I just gave it to you, which was just you making a statement.

Caught off guard, Price repeated that he was giving journalists information and that they were only complaining about the “format.”

MR PRICE: You know that when we declassify intelligence, we do so in a means —

LEE: That’s right. And I remember WMDs in Iraq, and I —

MR PRICE: — we do so with an eye to protecting sources and methods.

LEE: And I remember that Kabul was not going to fall. I remember a lot of things. So where is the declassified information other than you coming out here and saying it?

MR PRICE: Matt, I’m sorry you don’t like the format

MR PRICE: Matt, you said yourself you’ve been in this business for quite a long time. You know that when we make information – intelligence information public we do so in a way that protects sensitive sources and methods. You also know that we do so – we declassify information – only when we’re confident in that information.

LEE: But Ned, you haven’t given any information.

MR PRICE: If you doubt – if you doubt the credibility of the U.S. Government, of the British Government, of other governments, and want to find solace in information that the Russians are putting out —

LEE: Solace?

MR PRICE: — that is for you to do.

LEE: I don’t want – I’m not asking what the Russian Government is putting out. And what do you – what is that supposed to mean?

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