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“Burn It All Down!” – Democrats, Leftists Call for Violence Following Leaked SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

One thing we knew was going to happen after a preliminary document leaked from the Supreme court was that liberals would call for violence. They will deny the charges but if Trump tells people to march peacefully and then making a video telling his supporters to obey the law and go home is an insurrection, then telling people to fight like hell and to burn it down certainly is.

In a draft opinion, the Supreme Court voted to end Roe V Wade and that is setting off the left in huge numbers and the calls for violence are loud and undeniable. But, ending Roev wade does not ban abortion. That will be decided by each state. They can allow or ban abortions as they see fit. And Roe v Wade was never constitutional. The Justices could not find a way to justify it through the constitution, so they just made up reasons based on shadows and clouds.

From The Blaze

Here are some reactions to Democrats saying to fight like hell:

  • “Democrat Governor from California calling for violence in response to the illegally leaked #SCOTUS decision on Roe v Wade,” one commenter wrote. “Hopefully the FBI is on this. Sounds like he’s calling for an insurrection. Not good!”
  • Another user questioned the wisdom of Adams’ wording: “Are you openly inviting violent RIOTS on NY City sir? Are you inciting RIOTS?”
  • “That is inciting violence, THAT is inciting violence,” another commenter declared.
  • “Newsom is an insurrectionist,” another user said.
  • “I was reliably informed ‘fight like hell’ was incitement of violence,” another user said in response to Adams’ tweet.
  • “Sounds like he’s trying to incite something,” another commenter wrote in regard to Newsom’s tweet. “Isn’t that what the left says those incendiary words mean? Pray for peace and life.”

In response to the potential Roe v. Wade overturn, Newsom and other Democrats announced Monday that “California is proposing an amendment to enshrine the right to choose in our state constitution so that there is no doubt as to the right to abortion in this state. We know we can’t trust the Supreme Court to protect reproductive rights, so California will build a firewall around this right in our state constitution. Women will remain protected here.”

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