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Rapper Bryson Gray’s Playful Wishes for a MAGA Christmas and an AR 15

“MAGA Christmas, I got Trump 2020 on my Wish List,” superstar Bryson Gray sang.

Every political event should kick off with a  Gray tune- because everyone needs to just have some more fun. Gray released his latest album and video just in time for Christmas with his tradition of Pro-Second Amendmendment, anti-leftist lyrics. Gray says he wants a AR 15 in the mode of old school rap meets Republican politics.

And the haters hate it, and Gray isn’t fazed.

Like with its two predecessors, Trump is your President and Gun Totin Patriot, opponents of Trump can’t hang. Other people just want to sing along. At the latest rally for President Donald J. Trump, Gray was treated like a rock star. But Gray is not sweating about being a legend, a genius, a gamer, an innovator — he is really just a Christian, a mentor and a friend kicking back in quarantine, in his MAGA hat coming up with new lyrics and live streaming with Gamers for Trump, a new group he is an innovator and creator for.

In DC, a young gamer made his way to Gray through a crowd of towering adults, excited fans who were drawn over to rap with him. The young man was determined to meet Gray; he told his Mom he waited all day to meet Gray, and when they met, Gray spent some time spitballing ideas for a game and to pose for a photo with the kid- Gray was a real role model.

“They tell me to take off my MAGA hat, I say they have to make me,” Gray’s lyrics ring out.

Watching the shock of the left over Gray’s rap tunes is embarrassing. The left can’t hang. Rex Chapman, who “holds a mic for a grudge’ is so confused, but it gave Gray a chance to defend himself, something he does well.

Gray’s lyrics are a common anthem to the right; stop forcing sexuality on kids, stop treating illegals better than the troops; Gray is pro-God, a theme in most of his songs. His young fans, some of them report they are under discipline for having Trump flags in their virtual classrooms, look up to Gray. That is something Gray does as his role as a player with Gamers for Trump.


“The Bible doesn’t command you to be quiet. Matter of fact, it says quite the opposite. It says to call out sin IN FRONT OF ALL PEOPLE. It says IRON SHARPENS IRON. It says to EXPOSE DARKNESS. It’s sort of our jobs as Christians, but people don’t read the Bible sooooo.” Gray wrote on Twitter.


In MAGA Christmas, Bryson says his biggest wish is for people to turn to God, because America is a Christian nation. It’s the warmest and friendliest of pro-gun Christmas tunes— it’s basically bright and cheery and sort of anti-Hillary Clinton, because who isn’t anti-Hillary Clinton?

“Tell Hillary she can mind her business…”

His tunes are really a portrait of a Trump supporter. His fans are going to love it.

“State law shouldn’t override amendements,” and “best weapons for our rivals is Bibles”, and “tell Democrats that I am buying another rifle” are something that MAGA is going to get behind.


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