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Brian Stelter Claims It’s ‘Too Early’ to Tell if CNN+ Was a Failure — After the $100 Million Venture Was Cancelled Less Than a Month After Launch

If there was ever any doubt as to why CNN+ failed, look no further than failed talking head Brian Stelter. CNN spent $100 million dollars launching CNN+ which had less than 10,000 subscribers, most of whom were still in the free trial period, but Stelter still refuses to admit it was a failure. Stelter’s own program is overpriced at free. This video sums up his audience:

Today, Adolf Hitler has announced that it is too early to declare the Third Reich a failure.

Billy Booger of Booger Burger, whose motto is “It’s snot just for breakfast anymore” has declared that it is too early to declare his business venture a failure.

Mynamar P Luchenqusnrute of Kirchenstein has declared that it is too early to declare his country’s space program a failure just because they couldn’t find a bottle big enough to launch their rocket.

Let’s face it, CNN can’t get people to watch their free broadcasts, so why would they ever believe that anyone in their right mind would pay for that crap?

From The Gateway Pundit

CNN talking head Brian Stelter claims that it is “still too early” to tell if the outlet’s streaming service CNN+ was a “success or failure.”

CNN spent $100 million on the venture.

Fewer than 10,000 viewers were tuning in to the service per day.

CNN+ launched on March 29 for $5.99 a month or $60 a year. The failed service will be ending on Saturday, April 30.

CNN had planned to invest a billion dollars and hire “hundreds” of journalists for the streaming service. The company even convinced reporters to leave sold jobs at other networks and join the project, including Fox News’ Chris Wallace and NBC News’ Kasie Hunt.

How stupid must they feel now?

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