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Brian Stelter Argues CNN’s Critics Who Say They’re ‘Lacking Journalism’ and Are ‘Opinions All the Time’: ‘They’re not watching CNN’

Jeff Zucker‘s former coffee boy, CNN‘s Brian Stelter, tried to sing the praises of the network at the end of his show on Sunday, the most misnamed show on cable news, “Reliable Sources,” after Zucker was forced to suddenly and immediately resign.

The Fake News network has had a run of bad luck as of late, and Zucker’s leaving was probably too much for the George Costanza doppelgänger.

Stelter went on about critics saying that CNN is “lacking journalism” and that the news people there don’t really do news so much as give out their politically biased opinions and call it news.

After four years of 24/7 “trash Trump” opinionated news, broadcasting a daily barrage of fake news, getting almost everything wrong all the time, acting as gaslighting experts, Stelter’s conclusion about the critics? “They’re not watching CNN,” he said.

Jeff Zucker’s departure was just the thing that must have put Stelter over the edge. CNN fired their star “Prime Time” host, Chris Cuomo, who is arguably the dumbest of the Cuomo family, back in December, when it came to light that he was trying to protect his brother the former governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo on how to deal with sexual harassment and worse accusations made against him that led to his downfall and forced him to resign. I was hoping his killing thousands of innocent elderly patients by forcing COVID-19 patients into nursing homes would have been the thing that got him the axe, but a win is a win.

Also in December, a CNN producer for Chris Cuomo, was arrested and charged for allegedly luring young girls allegedly for “sexual training” and soliciting three mothers and their underage daughters for training on “fetish sex.”

And yet again, in December, another CNN producer, Rick Saleeby, Jake Tapper‘s producer, was forced to resign after it came out that he allegedly solicited sexually explicit photos of an underage girl. Yikes!

Apparently, no one at CNN has done an ounce of introspection because in January the network announced it created a news team that was dedicated to covering misinformation. They took a lot of jabs for that because CNN is known for being the king of spreading misinformation and the whole concept of the new news group was misinformation.

Some of the things Stelter has said about CNN tackling misinformation came off like an SNL skit. And they wonder why CNN lost 90% of its viewers in a single year.

While responding to CNN’s critics on Sunday, Stelter kept trying to convince the viewers that CNN was a real news network and that they have one of the largest number of bureaus around the world. I still think they’re all airports.

“Jeff Zucker’s departure was shocking to the staff of CNN. But CNN was not built by just one man, not by only Ted Turner, and it was not led only by Jeff Zucker. CNN is so much bigger than any single individual,” Stelter said. “It is about teams and teams of people, thousands of individuals who make up CNN.”

“This place is not perfect. It will never be perfect. We will always have flaws, we will always screw up, we will always have to run corrections, we will always have to keep working to make it better and better and better every single day. That is the goal. But the people who say we’re lacking journalism, that we’ve become an all-talk channel, that we’ve run off, and we’re all opinions all the time, that Jeff Zucker led us astray, those people aren’t watching CNN. They’re not watching CNN. They’re watching complaints about CNN on other channels that don’t know what they’re talking about. That’s the truth.”

“Do some of the anchors say provocative things? Yes,” Costanza admitted. “Do some of those clips get played over and over again on other channels and mislead people about what CNN actually is? Yes.”

He didn’t mention that he and his own coffee boy, Oliver Darcy, have attacked Fox News, and specifically Tucker Carlson, trying to urge media companies to take Fox News off their networks, claiming it is Fox that spreads misinformation.

“We lost our leader this week, but we’re not going anywhere,” Stelter promised his listeners, all 100 of them.

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