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Breitbart: BLM Activists Now Running Protection Rackets In Louisville

Lawrence David| Opinion| Did you vote for this?  Before you answer, read about the Democrat-backed extortion racket being run by BLM in Louisville…

The federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) (18 USC §§ 1961-1968) prohibits (1) acquiring, establishing, or operating an enterprise with illegally derived income, (2) acquiring or maintaining an interest in or control of an enterprise through illegal activity, and (3) using an enterprise to commit illegal acts (Extortion, Blackmail, Etc., 31A Am Jur 2d).

(Breitbart) Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters issued “social justice” and “black liberation” demands regarding “diversity” to a restaurant owner in Louisville, KY, including a directive for “donations” to organizations run by non-whites.

Listed demands from a BLM affiliate in Louisville include racial quotas for staff and ownership of business suppliers, donations to organizations run by non-whites, and adjustment to dress codes. The posters used the acronym “BIPOC” (“black or indigenous persons of color”) as a euphemism for non-white persons:

-23% of Staff is BIPOC in Front of House

-23% of inventory is from BIPOC retailer(s)

-Regular donations to BIPOC organization

-Dress code policy does not discriminate against BIPOC patrons of employees.

Get this… owners can buy their way out by choosing to tithe 1.5% of revenues in lieu of meeting the above demands.

Readers of this space know we have long considered the Democratic Party to consistently violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.  (Go deep, here and here and here)

Now we have national and local elected Democrats virtually unanimously supporting BLM, an extortion enterprise operating under the false premise of social justice.

Local Democrat leaders are protecting BLM thugs by demanding the police under their control stand down.  Many others are moving to defund their municipal police departments, altogether.

Meanwhile, national Democrat leaders are either covering for these ‘peaceful protestors’ or remaining silent.

Many Democrat voters, who have been successfully convinced to viscerally react with hate towards President Trump, when confronted with the M*rxist and fascist policies underlying the BLM and Antifa movements, content themselves by saying they’ll never be able to get those policies passed.

What they aren’t considering is they don’t need to pass ‘those’ policies.  They only need to choose which laws to enforce.  Remember, Obama wrote his own immigration law and chose now to enforce other ones preventing illegal entrants.

Don’t bother asking the FBI is on this.  They’re busy protecting pedophile Democrat politicians and donors, and Democrats who turned the intelligence community into a spy operation against their political opponents.

Screw the little girls who were abused.

Did you vote for BLM?  Think before you answer…

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