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BREAKING: Senators Leak Biden’s Most Sinister Plot Against the American People



Senators Chuck Grassley and Josh Hawley have teamed up to investigate the founding of Joe Biden’s Ministry of Truth after whistleblowers revealed what the Ministry was intended to accomplish.

The Ministry of Truth was established to stifle dissent among the people, according to papers that have come into their possession. No views opposing the Biden caliphate would be tolerated.

They wouldn’t be able to accomplish this on their own. They’d scheduled a meeting with Nick Pickles, Twitter’s Head of Policy, and Yoel Roth, Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity.

The objective of the conference, according to records, was to establish an operationalizing public-private collaboration between DHS and Twitter. In other words, the Ministry of Truth would expect Twitter to filter everything they told them to, which would have been acceptable with Twitter prior to Elon Musk’s arrival.

Without a doubt, this meeting would have led to discussions with other far-left social media behemoths who would be equally open to further censorship of opposing viewpoints. The intention was to start this as soon as possible after the midterm elections, but certainly before the presidential election in 2024.

Grassley and Hawley are concerned that the Department of Homeland Security would be building a system to restrict free speech protected by the First Amendment. This would have a chilling effect and give the Biden caliphate complete power over thought and speech.

“The First Amendment of the Constitution was designed precisely so that the government could not censor opposing viewpoints – even if those viewpoints were false,” the senators wrote.

If you would like to read the entire document, you can find it on Senator Grassley’s site here.

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