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BREAKING: Iran Officially Tied To Hamas Conflict With Israel With Intercepted ‘Suicide Drone’

As the Biden Administration is toying with the idea of reentering a lucrative deal for Iran, where Mullahs there receive massive funding by American taxpayers to help pay for terrorism, news has emerged that Iran is involved in a rising delay conflict between Hamas, the leading power of the Palestinian movement, and America’s ally, Israel.

Israel PM Netanyahu: the drone Israel took down 2 days ago was an armed Iranian drone launched by Iran from Syria or Iraq,” reported Amichai Stein, an Israel newscaster. 

The rockets, missiles, and drones being launched at Israeli civilians all come from Iran. The terrorists launching them are paid by Iran. And Joe Biden is rushing to give Iran hundreds of billions of dollars. Why?” posted US, Senator Ted Cruz.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu, who the Democrats have tried tirelessly to replace in the region, reported the drone according to Disclose TV:

JUST IN – Israel’s Netanyahu: The true backer of much of this aggression is Iran. They provide financing and weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah. They sent an armed drone to Israel from Iraq or Syria.”

At the same time, Monday’s news from Tehran shows that Iran has gotten a windfall of cash and is investing in drones and new technology:

“TEHRAN — The Iranian Defense Ministry plans to supply the Army with 1,000 unmanned aerial vehicle UAVs, commonly called drones, in the near future.

The plan to provide the army with drones was signed in a “strategic agreement” between the Defense Ministry and Army on Monday, Tasnim reported.

The agreement is intended to promote the drone power and the equipment carried by the unmanned military aircraft.

Under phase one of the agreement, the ministry undertook to supply the Army with 1,000 drones in a short time.

In comments at the event, Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi highlighted the growing power of drones used by Army units, saying the UAVs have increasingly been employed in war games for various purposes.

After the agreement was signed, Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami told reporters that Iran is ranked fifth or sixth in the world in terms of drone capability.

Nowadays drones play a significant role in the reconnaissance and combat missions, Hatami said, adding Iranian military industries have become self-sufficient in manufacturing advanced drones.

In January, the Army staged a massive exercise using various homegrown drones for different operations including aerial interception, launch of air-to-air missiles, detonation of ground targets with bombs and missiles with pinpoint accuracy, and suicide strikes.

Military officials say Army experts have dramatically increased the flight endurance of suicide UAVs, manufacturing drones with an operational range of 4,000 kilometers.”


An Iranian reporter confirmed the reports and added that America’s money will make the conflict more deadly, in favor of Mullahs and other tyrants.

“The Arab Coalition said it intercepted and destroyed on Thursday an explosive-laden drone launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia’s Jizan.

The Houthis continue to target civilians and civilian objects, the Arab Coalition said.

The coalition added that it would be taking the operational measures to protect civilians from the Houthis’ terrorist attacks,” Arab news reported.

It is clear that the Democrats are pushing for the end of Israel so terrorist organizations can control the entire region and it’s wealth of natural resources.  It is unclear if  many Americans understand how allowing terrorists to control the Middle East completely and all of the energy resources there will help America First policies.

Hopefully, they will figure it out soon.

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