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BREAKING! DID FBI Bribe Christopher Steele with $1 Million to Back Up His Dossier?

The FBI hoped and prayed that the garbage Christopher Steele was peddling about President Trump would prove true. It never was. Therefore, it was impossible for anyone to prove it. However, the FBI certainly hoped the phony dossiers creator could.

Upper leadership inside The Bureau hated President Donald Trump. He was a threat to their corrupt control of the most powerful law enforcement agency in the world. The day Donald Trump announced his intention to run for president, they began scheming ways to take him out.

They’ve never stopped. The crooked upper leadership in the FBI even tried to bribe Christopher Steele into providing “proof” that his salacious allegations against President Trump were real. Recent evidence reveals that the FBI was willing to pay Steele $1 million for proof.

When is the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation into paying people seven figures to corroborate their testimony? The FBI was telling Christopher Steele, “If you come up with proof, real or not, we’ll write you a million dollar check.” FBI analyst Brian Auten testified in the trial of Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko is the primary source of Steele’s bogus dossier. Auten told the court that the FBI offered $1 million to confirm it. Of course, since the dossier was a pack of lies, no one provided a shred of evidence. This should have been an instant clue to investigators that this was a political hoax.

But did it stop the FBI from continuing to attack President Trump? Two more years of embroiling the country in a bogus Russia hoax investigation proves they had an axe to grind with the former president. The $1 million bribe is further proof that it was a politically motivated sham.

This was a political witch hunt from the very beginning. Hillary Clinton’s dirty paws are all over this bogus investigation. We just wonder if the money trail for this “million dollar bribe” doesn’t lead right back to crooked Hillary.

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