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BREAKING: Another Deep State Leak Reveals Document Describing Foreign Government’s Nuclear Capabilities Seized by FBI During Mar-a-Lago Raid

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) claims they must operate with the utmost attention to secrecy. According to the DOJ and the FBI, allowing information to become public could compromise investigations and place U.S. national security at risk.

The DOJ has adamantly opposed the release of any information related to why they stormed the private residence of a former president. DOJ officials, including U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, have cautioned that publicly releasing the search warrant affidavit was dangerous.

But politically motivated officials from the FBI and DOJ could whisper snippets of this critical document to their buddies in the corrupt mainstream media. The deep state’s attempt to block the release of the affidavit was denied. A federal judge ordered the affidavit to be released.

Nevertheless, the DOJ was able to use a giant black magic marker, obliterating huge chunks of the affidavit. Again, what they wanted people to see, people got to see, nothing else. Another recent development proves the deep state’s desire to control every narrative.

President Trump filed a motion to have a neutral party, called a “Special Master”, appointed. The Special Master will review each of the documents snatched from his home. Many felt the request would be denied.

It was not. The DOJ screamed about how it would “jeopardize national security.” It will not. If so, then why are left-wing mainstream media sources constantly getting little leaked snippets of information themselves?

It’s the same old liberal plow to control the narrative. The corrupt core in Washington, D.C., only wants Americans to see what they want them to see. When Judge Aileen Cannon granted the request for a Special Master, she quickly cautioned about potential Deep State leaks.

Right on cue, the DOJ leaked to the liberal Washington Post. According to the DOJ, the documents had to be kept secret. So, why would this snippet be allowed to leak out? These Deep State leaks “always” go to left-leaning media. They all benefit the liberal narrative.

It’s an absurd double standard. The information that the Washington Post published supposedly involves particularly sensitive documents. According to the WaPo, the files seized by the FBI contained a document describing a foreign government’s military defenses.

According to the report, the document includes nuclear capabilities. No one has come forward to verify that these documents were actually part of those taken during the FBI’s unprecedented raid. This could be like the rumors of President Trump’s having nuclear codes at Mar-a-Lago.

Remember when someone leaked a rumor about President Trump having ties to a Russian bank ahead of the 2016 election? We do. Remember when someone leaked a horrific rumor about President Trump ignoring so-called Russian bounties on American troops in Afghanistan?

We do. Do you remember when someone leaked a supposedly clandestine telephone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president? There wasn’t a shred of evidence to support any of these previous leaks.

They were purposeful. The leaks are designed to cast President Trump in an unfavorable light. There is no evidence that this new leak is any different. But what if President Trump did want access to this critical information? Why would he risk having them locked inside his residence?

Let’s suppose, like millions of Americans, President Trump sees Joe Biden’s inability to make critical decisions. Furthermore, what if President Trump knows a “puppet master” is pulling Joe Biden’s strings? The former president constantly talks about the corruption in Washington, D.C.

He has continually cautioned Americans about how the Biden family political machine is compromised by rogue nations. China, Ukraine, and others are in a position to manipulate Joe Biden. Might President Trump know that our national security is in grave danger?

If the nuclear secrets were part of the FBI’s haul, there might be an explanation. If they’re not actually in one of the boxes, this leak will be like all the others. It’s a convenient Deep State leak to orchestrate a false narrative against President Trump. Should we be surprised?

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