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Bravest Woman I Ever Saw Thwarts Gun-Carrying Thief In Must See Video

A young black man entered a store where a couple of women were working, and there was also a female customer inside standing at the counter.

The man wore a white hoodie with the hood up over his head, and no sooner was he inside the establishment than he pulled a gun and said “Open the register.  Open it up. Open it.”

At that point, the bravest woman I ever saw, an employee, maybe the manager or owner by the way she responded, stood up from her chair that was situated out in front of the counter, and said, “No, don’t open it up,” to the other woman working behind the counter.

At that point, the man knew that time was running out.  Thieves know they only have so much time in a store before they have to leave so that they don’t get caught. 

Precious seconds were now ticking away, causing the man to get anxious, sometimes making for a dangerous situation.

The woman saying no to the thief by telling the other woman to not open up the register caused the man to try to get what the came for on his own since the women were not complying. 

He started looking under and on top of things, presumably trying to find the key to open the register.

While he was concentrating on finding it, the woman in charge went out the door and told the lone customer, another woman with a baby carriage, to come out to her on the street. 

She even said out loud, “Come on.  Lock him indoor,” while waving her arm to signal the women to leave.

The female customer joins the brave woman out, and then you see the other employee following the baby carriage out the door, but first removing the block that held the door open.

So, the door closes, and they lock the man inside.

It was at that precise moment he realized, he screwed up.

At first, the gunman tried to push the door open, realizing he was locked inside. 

He steps back, and for the first time since he entered the store, he takes a look around, probably to see if there’s another exit.  Not seeing one, he starts to panic.

The thief then pulled his weapon and began shooting at the door to open it.  He didn’t know that only works in Hollywood.

After firing several shots he realizes the windows are made of bullet-proof glass, and he’s getting nowhere.

What then ensues can only be thought of as a comedy sketch when he starts running at the door at top speed to smash through, only to learn that he will break before that door does.

It was at that point that he had one trick left up his sleeve.  He completely caved and begged the women to let him out.

“Please,” he said. “Please, I have nothing.”  He got on his knees and put his hands up in a praying position.

At that point, he kept repeating, “Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please. Please.”  He even threw in an “I’m sorry.”

We’ll let you see what happens next.

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