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Border Patrol

Braindead Journalists Mistake Horse Reins As Whips When Fabricating Phony Border Story

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

News employees who sometimes claim to be journalists are at it again. It’s very well established that most, but not all, so-called “journalists” are infamously left wing and are always looking for a story to fit their leftist narrative. They are now reporting on things that never happened just to fit the narrative of the day.

Instead of reporting on the horrors of the illegal immigration crisis at our southern border that was created by Joe Biden, many #FakeNews journalists have recently reported that border patrol agents on horseback started whipping some of the thousands of Haitian illegals gathered in Del Rio, Texas.

Apparently, Haitian illegal migrants got the memo from Joe Biden that we no longer have a border to our south and everyone is welcome. Maybe that’s why they traveled nearly 2,000 miles to get here instead of crossing over their own border into The Dominican Republic right next door?

So-called journalist Martha Pskowski writing for the El Paso Times apparently started the lie in her story “Haitian migrants face tough choices in Del Rio amid crackdown at Texas-Mexico border” where she made the accusation that officers were using whips on the Haitian illegal migrants. Every Fake News loser in the business jumped on that bandwagon and reported that Haitians were being whipped by federal law enforcement, many of them likening the scene to the days of slavery.

The problem with Pskowski’s story is that it was Fake News. There were no whips. The officers were using horse’s reins to control their horses.

So many people with a brain created a backlash to this transparently fake story that the site added a “clarification”:

Clarification: Our reporting team witnessed at least one agent on horseback swing his reins like a whip. We have updated the story to clarify that fact since it was not an actual whip.

The story now reads like the author originally reported that the agent was using reins:

“The agent menacingly swung his reins like a whip, charging his horse toward the men in the river who were trying to return to an encampment under the international bridge in Del Rio after buying food and water in Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.”

Since I didn’t read the story until I became aware of it, and changes were already made, I went to the Wayback Machine to see the archive, but it wasn’t there, because the site blocked it giving a message that the story has been “excluded.” It must be nice to have friends on in the inside.

But that didn’t stop every pinhead in media who wants open borders and will report anything to make our immigration system look bad, including making up things to look like racism.

Anyone with a triple-digit IQ can see the officers are not using whips. They’re using horse’s reins to control their horses, something that’s been done since horse reins were invented back during the Bronze Age about 3,300 – 1,200 BC.

Of all the photos taken, there aren’t any that show an officer whipping someone, but that didn’t stop the supposed journalists from lying about it.

The best they could do was tweeted out by The Race Lady on MSNBC, Joy Reid, who tweeted out a photo of an officer’s horse’s reign floating in the air due to forward momentum, looking like a whip.

Where are the infamous fact-checkers on this lie? Why hasn’t Twitter and other tech tyrant social media sites labeled this story with “Misinformation” notifications? This story is so easily debunked and the fact that no one in the media or the Big Tech world slapped it down shows they really are all in this together.

The leftists do not want our immigration laws to be enforced so they will report anything that makes the Border Patrol and ICE look bad. This includes making up out of whole cloth a story that federal officers were whipping Haitian illegal migrants when there were no whips to be found.

When a reporter asked White House mouthpiece Jen SockInIt about the fake story, she didn’t condemn it as the lie it is. Instead, Psaki said it was “obviously horrific” and will be looked into. In other words, she’s going to circle back, but don’t hold your breath.

This is something that former president Donald Trump or his Press Secretary would have condemned almost immediately followed up by the same jackass reporters, who reported this story as true, claiming that Trump is a racist and that’s why he is the one who lied about whips being used on Haitian illegal migrants when there were no whips seen anywhere.

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