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‘Brahmin-American’ Sends Letter to President Trump: ‘Please Use Martial Law to Save America and Re-Vote’

An Immigrant to America, a member of India’s top caste system shared the passion he has for America and sent encouragement to President Donald J. Trump by way of an open letter, asking for him to use his Presidential powers to enforce Martial Law to restore the United States of America because if he doesn’t America could fall into a “Socialist Hell” as India did.

“There are numerous similarities between what the left did to destroy India and what they are doing now in America,” the immigrant American told me.

“I am scared for this country right now. India never recovered from the Left’s takeover in 1975; they won the election by cheating, and the rest is history. I still remember my Dad and his friends trying to fight to save any freedoms they could. And historically, if you look at any country that was taken over by the Left – it is always by cheating in the elections. Then they run the country in the ground,” Mahesh “Max” Ganorkar, an Immigrant from India, a Brahmin, a bold activist for American Liberty, a former organizer for the Tea Party, and a friend told me.


Dear President Trump:
To whom much is given, much is expected! Mr. President, you are entrusted with a YUGE responsibility to defend the Republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You are Godsent to lift the veil on the swamp city – DC and expose the traitors amongst us. They hate you; we love you! They won’t stand with you; we will.

Election fraud is EVIL, perpetrated by evil forces both foreign and domestic. Sadly, RINOs are salivating to get back in the swamp, but you have an obligation not to throw America under the bus. The noble institutions that our Founding Fathers instituted to protect the Republic have now completely crumbled to corruption.

Mrs. Powell was told that we were given a Republic – “if you can keep it.” I think we can still keep it if we can cross the seemingly frozen path to get to the fruits of liberty. We owe it to the Founding Fathers for their bravery and sacrifices.

They say writing about feelings may ease the stress, but how can our revered Constitution ease her stress? Rather than surrendering the Constitution to the traitors, please declare Martial Law (if you must) and call in the military to administer a secure re-vote of all Federal elections from sea to shining sea. Let the chips fall where they may. If anyone can make this last-ditch effort to save the best nation God gave men, it is

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for fighting for We the People!
May God bless you and your loved ones!
May God bless America!

Yours Patriotically,
Mahesh “Max” Ganorkar
@mganorkar on Parler



Mahesh is a friend of mine, and he shared more of his story with me on Thursday for this article and told me about the deep passion behind his activism for America. I have met with Mahesh and his family in the public square, numerous times, on July 4th, surrounded by children and veterans, to read the Declaration of Independence and talk about our founders’ sacrifices. Mahesh is consumed with the ideas of liberty.

Here is more of his story:

“I am a Brahmin, that is my class in India still. However, my Dad did not like Socialism, and under Gandhi’s rule, we protested. When Gandhi imposed “The emergency” of the left, we rallied in protest. I remember that my Dad would not let us eat on those days because the other people were are not going to eat either, and the message was that we are not going to live on your crumbs. That we would rather go hungry than live on your crumbs- my Dad fought for freedoms that way. I was 10 years old, and I wanted food, but my Dad told my Mother to keep us hungry, and he told her that way, we will understand how to fight for our freedom. My Dad’s anger was bigger than the sun then. So that changed me, and that is why I stand here still, for America now. For my children,” Mahesh told me.

According to history, In India, “The Emergency” refers to a 21-month period from 1975 to 1977 when Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had a state of emergency declared across the country.” that does seem oddly similar to what we are seeing today.

Mahesh told me more about his journey, which is interesting to see what he has given up to be a US Citizen.

“I came here in 1989 and being Brahman really meant we didn’t touch the untouchables. I came here in 1989 and worked at a school in the cafeteria. One day I saw the Dean of the school at a table eating lunch, and I saw a Janitor come and sit next to the Dean and have lunch. That was a culture shock for me. It was then that I realize that Men are equal here. America made me a better person than I ever could have been. This country changed me. I don’t treat people like I used to; I have more than I could have ever imagined in my own country, so it frustrates me when people come here and are not thankful for America. I work now for everything I have,” Mahesh told me.

“My worry is that if America falls to socialism, people will be so mean to each other under, India is still suffering from what they did. There is so much fighting over everything. Dogs get treated better in America than people in India, and I love that country, but the politics are vicious and mean, so I am doing what I can to fight that for America, and I want my kids to have better.

If America falls, we have no other place to go.

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