“Border Czar” Kamala Harris Got Up and Walked Out of First Meeting with Mexican President on Border Security – Obrador Accuses Biden Admin of Orchestrating Coup

Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Donald Trump had a fantastic working relationship and together they were able to turn a surge into a solid border with heavy enforcement of our immigration laws.

This benefited the United States that saw the number of illegal aliens in the country decrease heavily,  while at the same time benefiting Mexico with fewer illegals making the trek to the United States. It was a win/win situation.

But, now our relationship with Mexico is much more tenuous. Not to mention the fact that the Biden-aided Mexican cartels are making money hand over fist and that creates a more dangerous position for the police and the citizens. There is much more money available for bribes.

Everyone benefits from Biden’s policies except for the American people. This is very upsetting to the Mexican president known affectionately as AMLO.

On Friday Lopez Obrador accused the Biden administration of orchestrating a coup against his administration. Then later Obrador complained after Kamala Harris walked out of their first meeting on US border! She got up and walked away because she had “other business.”  Kamala is the Biden “border czar”.

ABC International reported:

Much has changed the attitude of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, towards the White House after the departure of Donald Trump. At his first major meeting with the US vice president, who has recently assumed the task of solving the migration crisis at the border.

The Mexican president has come accusing his northern neighbor of interventionist and financier of coup plotters, to which he has added the rudeness of communicating to Kamala Harris that she was not going to stay for the entire meeting – held virtually by the pandemic – for other commitments. Even so, in the face to face, López Obrador has said: “Let’s seek understanding, don’t fight.”

US News reported:

Mexico has sent a diplomatic note asking the United States to suspend funding for an anti-corruption group critical of the government, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Friday.

Lopez Obrador said the formal protest was sent because of financial backing for Mexicans Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI), a group that investigates political corruption. The president says the group is seeking to undermine his government.

“It’s interference, it’s interventionism, it’s promoting coup plotters,” said Lopez Obrador, describing funding that includes money from the U.S. Agency for International Development, commonly known as USAID, as an affront to Mexico’s sovereignty.

10 thoughts on ““Border Czar” Kamala Harris Got Up and Walked Out of First Meeting with Mexican President on Border Security – Obrador Accuses Biden Admin of Orchestrating Coup”

  1. President Donald Trump foreign policy approach was designed and implemented is a way that was win, win for both the USA and our allies, this Biden president administration was hatched on a lie and the majority of the American people know it that is what this administration is afraid of, and why they are barricading theirselves in Washington DC, this government is a world class embarrassment to the true and legal American people.

  2. Avatar

    Miss Harris did so well conversing with Mexico’s President. ( She walked out of a Zoom meeting). I think her next meeting should be with Asaad in Syria. Or maybe send Kamala to Iran to talk with those nice folks. Thank Goodness she didn’t run for President in 2020. She makes a weak VP. No stones.
    Lopez Obrador deserves better.
    Biden is sure getting his 10% from Drug Cartels who traffic people and drugs into America.
    FYI: As many people have crossed illegally into the USA. As has died from COVID19 as American citizens. Biden Admin are failing both tasks.

  3. Kamala Harris should not be representing USA, She has no diplomatic experience and she has a very nasty attitude to anyone that challenges her in any circumstance what so ever. Did she leave the zoom call with the president of Mexico, with her now traditional sarcastic laugh.

    Kamala Harris must already be recognised as the most inept vice president ever.

  4. Kamarla fake Harris is a disgrace and has failed both in her role and more so, the American people with whom she doesn’t give two hoots! We all know the 2020 election was rife with fraud & irregularities and its time ALL the evidence was presented in SCOTUS so the legitimate President, Donald J Trump can return to where he belongs and by which voted in again by the people. It’s time all this corruption is exposed and disposed of!!!

  5. No surprises here with our current group of Thugs under the current Biden/Harris administration.
    Under the strong leader ship of Trump we enjoyed near perfect autonomy with not only our close neighbor Mexico but also in the middle east etc!! Now we have a weak visibly corrupt regime in WA and the world is on fire. I am afraid we are a full fledge banana republic.

  6. Not surprised after what she did or didn’t do in here in California. But don’t underestimate her, she’s vicious.

  7. They got away with it here, so of course they are ‘moving on’ to our neighbors. Pure evil.
    And Harris’ diplomatic experience is all in the bedroom.
    God help us.

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