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BOOM! Rudy Giuliani Drops a Bomb — Joe Biden Broke the Law by NOT Notifying Officials of Hunter’s Naked Crack Smoking and Sexual Abuse of Minors (VIDEO)

To say that Rudy Giuliani is an experienced prosecutor would be a major understatement.

He cleaned up the mean streets of New York, drove the mob out of the Jacob Javits center, and cleaned up the Times Square section of New York, next to the Port Authority.

So, when he claims someone has broken the law, he knows of whence he speaks.

Therefore, when he says that Joe Biden committed a crime by not reporting Biden for his actions with an underage girl, you can take it to the bank.

On Wednesday, he told Steve Bannon on The War Room that Biden committed a major crime by not reporting Hunter.

Joe Biden was obligated by law to notifiy officials after learning of Hunter Biden’s naked crack smoking around the kids and sexual abuse of minors.

Rudy Giuliani:  Notice at the end he denies that he exposed himself to his children, he admits that he was a danger to the children. That right there triggered his responsibility. Right there. The man is telling you I’m a danger to children. You know he’s a crack addict. You gotta know he’s smoking crack around them. You’ve got to know that. I’ve got so many photos that he was smoking crack in the house. So even if you get away from the sexual part you got the fact that he’s a habitual crack user. By the way, so was the sister-in-law. So these kids are in a terrible environment… …The law is clear as a bell that he should have reported it.

But is there a reason that Joe didn’t report him other than he is Joe’s son? Think about Joe’s actions around underage girls.

See a resemblance?

Maybe he isn’t walking around naked, smoking crack but the basic principle is the same.

It has now been reported that when the Delaware State Police turned the Hunter Biden case over to the FBI, they told them that the case is credible.

That will make it harder to deny but not harder to delay until after the election.

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