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BOOM!! : Attorney Sidney Powell: We’ve Got Pictures of Check Stubs Paid to People to Illegally Ballot Harvest

Sidney Powell has made an explosive claim. She says that she has pictures of pay stubs that she says are for ballot harvesting, a practice which has been practically banned everywhere but California.

Just about anywhere else, it could be grounds for throwing out the votes. That is especially true when it comes to falsifying documents in the name of other people.

Ballot harvesting is when a person or a group go out and get others to fill out ballots and give them to the harvester.

Before mail in balloting, ballot harvesting was the best way to rig an election. In many cases, the ballot harvesters will request ballots in the name of real people who have moved out of the state, are ineligible or merely never vote.

On the Republicans House government website, they confirm that ballot harvesting is dangerous and widely illegal:

Ballot harvesting is the practice in which political operatives collect absentee ballots from voters’ homes and drop them off at a polling place or election office. It may sound pretty innocuous, but this practice can and has been abused across the country. We saw this play out in the 2018 midterm elections in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District when a political operative abused the process of harvesting ballots, which resulted in the North Carolina State Board of Elections to call for reelection.

Ignoring this most notable threat to election security is unacceptable in an election security bill, something Democrats have chosen to do not once this Congress but on several occassions.

You just knew that the Democrats had planned to use ballot harvesting as a way to manufacture votes. How do we know this?

Because Republicans tried to get the practice outlawed by federal statute added to a Democratic bill written to make cheating easier and they killed the amendment.

This would explain the huge vote drops for Biden with no corresponding votes for Trump.

This is what needs to be done. First, we find out who wrote the checks and then we look for where the money came from. and once we know that and who organized the ballot harvesting, we need to lock them up for a very long time.

This must never happen again. If the Democrats get away with it this year, there will be no stopping them in the future.

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