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Bookies Release New Odds for 2024 Presidential Election

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I think that over the years, I’ve learned to recognize that some polls are more accurate than others when it comes to predicting the winner of an event, such as an election.

There are certainly some polls that are biased, but I’ll tell you some that are not, those are the oddsmakers involved in gambling.

They have no bias because they are out to make money, not convince people that someone is doing better than others. If they don’t get their numbers right, they stand to lose a lot of money.

One of the polls that we frequently wonder about is what is to come in the next presidential election. As it stands right now, who do the oddsmakers believe will win the next election? Here’s what they are saying:

The Daily Wire reported,

“Biden’s crushed approval ratings and worsening betting odds are causing Democrats to wonder if he is the right figure to take on Trump in 2024,” said Joe Short of “According to the Wall Street Journal, Democrats expect him to go for a second term at the age of 82, but they’re not sure he should.”

“To make matters even worse for Biden, he is now third favorite to win the 2024 US Presidential election, behind both Trump (3/1) and Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis (4/1),” he said. Biden is sitting around 6/1 comparatively.

Short said that Biden initially appeared willing to cede power to his Vice President Kamala Harris after just one term, but she’s not faring to well to bookies, either. She has “floated way out to 12/1 with bet365 to be the next U.S. president. Evidently punters and U.K. bookmakers are looking no further than Biden when it comes to Democratic names in 2024.”

Joe Biden is almost guaranteed to lose the White House if you ask me. There is no way that he’ll keep his job.

As it stands though, it’s far too early for these to be very accurate. Once we get into 2024, I think we’ll be able to see what we can really expect.

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