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Bongino Slams Biden As ‘Beggar-In-Chief’: ‘Enemies Of The United States Are Watching!’

We should all be on high alert.

Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino blasted Biden for being a humiliating blemish on Americans’ strong history. Biden seems to only have one plan of action— To beg.

“I wish this monologue wasn’t necessary,” Bongino began, saying that he loved his country and for that reason alone, he wanted even those he opposed politically to do what was best for the United States. “I’m a citizen, I love this country, I love this place. I pledge allegiance to the flag every day, I have kids who are going to grow up here.”

“I wish American leadership under Joe Biden was not a complete embarrassment, simply for the sake of my country and, as I said, my kids,” he added. “But in the first 18 months of Biden’s term, it’s totally evident now, he’s become the beggar-in-chief.”

“He’s always begging,” Bongino continued. “Did you notice that? He’s always begging someone for something. The guy’s not a leader. He’s showing just how weak he is on the world stage, on the domestic stage, everywhere, and sadly, he’s making all of us, America, look weaker too.”

Bongino listed several examples of Biden beginning other countries, like Mexico, Iran, and even Russia instead of taking strong action in the best interest of the country. Bongino was fired up after Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia where Biden traveled to beg the nation to produce more oil to help drive down gas prices—But wait, didn’t he just sell oil to China?

Bongino then played clips from former Republican president’s historical moments; Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump — Bongino explained how they showed strength which is the absolute opposite of what Biden has presented to the world.

“People are watching, and I don’t mean like Robert DeNiro in ‘Meet the Fockers,’ I mean, like enemies of the United States are watching this,” he concluded.


I saw a clip of reporters bombarding Biden after he landed back in the US after his Saudi Arabia trip. One reporter repeatedly asked Biden if inflation would start to come down. It was the only question he refused to respond to. Biden didn’t even act like he heard the repeater, though they were face to face.


Because he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have a coherent plan and that’s why Democrats are beginning him not to run again.

Erica Carlin
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