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Bombshell: Marjorie Taylor Greene Just Filed Articles To Impeach Garland

Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene has called on Attorney General Merrick Garland to be impeached “for endangering, compromising and undermining the justice system of the United States by facilitating the persecution” of President Biden’s political rival, Trump, according to the drafted articles she shared in a Twitter post.

Garland said at a press conference Thursday that he “personally approved” the search warrant at Trump’s residence, Mar-A-Lago. A move that has upended civil peace without offering any information to the public as to why the raid took place. The FBI has also no thwarted misinformation surrounding the raid which has only fueled damaging conspiracies.

Her resolution claims that Garland’s “effort to unseal the search warrant for the home of former President Donald J. Trump constitutes an attempt to intimidate, harass, and potentially disqualify a political challenger to President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.”

In a series of posts, Trump called the FBI “corrupt” and claimed their raid at Mar-a-Lago on Monday was just the latest in a series of attempts to undermine him. These claims are unsubstantiated.

“The FBI has a long and unrelenting history of being corrupt. Just look back to the days of J. Edgar Hoover,” the former president wrote on TRUTH Social, referencing the first director of the federal bureau.

Trump added: “In the modern era, nothing has changed except that it has gotten far worse.”

“Look at Comey, McCabe, Strzok and lover Lisa Page. Check out the brilliantly written but damning I.G. Reports. See what they were willing to do in order to get Crooked Hillary Clinton elected (they failed), and got caught! They spied on my campaign, pushed the FAKE Dossier, and illegally used the FISA Court,” Trump claimed.

“I was fully vindicated in the Russia, Russia, Russia SCAM, the “No Collusion” Mueller Investigation, Impeachment Hoax #1, Impeachment Hoax #2, and all else. NOW THEY RAID MY HOME, ban my lawyers and, without any witnesses allowed, break the lock that they asked us to install on the storage area that we showed them early on, which held papers that they could have had months ago for the asking, and without the ridiculous political grandstanding of a ‘break in’ to a very storied, important, and high visibility place, just before the Midterm Elections,” he continued.

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