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BOMBSHELL: John Durham Is “In Negotiations with Some People on Guilty Pleas”

Are we finally getting down to cases? Former US Attorney Joe diGenova Napolitano says we are. He does not have a crystal ball but is drawing from his own experience as a federal prosecutor from the Justice Department.

The speculations have said for some time that John Durham would finish his investigation by the end of the summer.

diGenova was on with Mornings with the Mall where he appears every week to be interviewed on the topics of the day. The first topic of the day was the Durham investigation with host Bill Hemmer.

Hemmer suggested to diGenova that there would be indictments at the same time as the issuance of his report. diGenova took it a step further and suggested that plea deals will be made prior to the release of the reports. He said that there are probably some who are discussing plea deals with the Durham team.

I won’t hold my breath on this but I truly hope that he either knows something or he knows from prior experiences.

Durham has not interviewed the big targets yet and when he does, he will probably conduct it during a grand jury. That’s because, in a behind the scenes interview, they would probably take the Fifth.

I would doubt that Durham would be discussing the likelihood that Durham would be looking at plea bargains for the big fish but it would make sense to strike deals with the small fry who could be testifying against their bosses at the FBI and the DOJ.

That would Durham the proper ammunition to use during the grand jury.

Durham said that he had expected that Durham would be done with his investigation by June but that the virus had set back the timetable a bit.

diGenova said:

Of course, yes, that’s exactly what could happen.  You got it right Vince [Coglianese].  I suspected all along that Durham was going to do his best to get something done by September.  Actually, I suspected it would be June, indeed I knew that that was the time table but the COVID-19 virus put off some grand jury appearances.

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