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Bobulinski Gave FBI Agent, Tim Thibault ,Information. He Buried It

This report is damning and if there is any justice in Washington DC left, FBI Agent Tim Thibault should be behind bars within the next twelve months.

Back on October 22, 2020, Tony Bobulinski held a press conference. He is the  CEO of Sinohawk Holdings and was a business partner with Hunter Biden. During the presser, Bobulinsky talked about a meeting with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hilton on May 2, 2017. They were joined by Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother Jim Hunter.


Later, Bobulinski sent a text to Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother,  telling him it was great meeting him and asking him to thank Joe for meeting with him. This was just more proof that Joe Biden lied when he claimed he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s shady business deals. Bobulinski also confirmed that Joe Biden was The Big Guy.


The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The witness, Tony Bobulinski, now has concerns that the former official, Timothy Thibault, helped bury information about his dealings with the Biden family that he gave the FBI, sources told the Washington Free Beacon. Thibault retired from the FBI last week amid allegations from whistleblowers that he shut down an investigation into an avenue of “derogatory” information about Hunter Biden in October 2020. Senate Republicans began scrutinizing Thibault earlier this year over anti-Trump rhetoric he posted on social media.

It had been unclear what role Thibault played in the Biden investigation, which began in 2018. But his oversight of Bobulinski means he oversaw one of the most significant witnesses to come forward with information about the Bidens’ business links to China. The FBI interviewed Bobulinski for five hours on Oct. 23, 2020, after Bobulinski publicly disputed Joe Biden’s claim to have never discussed business with his son. Bobulinski said he met with Hunter and Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss a multimillion-dollar deal with CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy conglomerate with ties to Chinese military intelligence. The California-based businessman also said Joe Biden is “the big guy” referenced in cryptic emails discussing equity payments from their business deals.

“In my hour-long meeting with Joe Biden we discussed Biden family business dealings with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar,” Bobulinski said at a press conference before his FBI interview. Text messages show Bobulinski and Hunter Biden arranging a meeting with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Emails from Biden’s abandoned laptop show extensive discussions about CEFC China Energy.

The New York Post reported earlier this year that a grand jury witness was asked to identify “the big guy” referenced in the emails sent to Biden and Bobulinski. Bobulinski, however, has not been contacted by the U.S. attorney or called before the grand jury, sources told the Free Beacon. According to the sources, Bobulinski’s attorneys had multiple interactions with Thibault after Bobulinski’s FBI interview. They said Thibault told Bobulinski’s lawyers the FBI would reach out if additional information was needed, but that the bureau has not made contact with Bobulinski since then.

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