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BLM Whines After Getting Butt Kicking By Patriots….Cops Stand By and Watch

BLM whines in Portland after getting their butts kicked by some patriots as the police stood by and did nothing. That’s because a stand down order works both ways. I didn’t see anyone jump into the fray like they do when they have a helpless victim. And during watching these videos note that some BLM and antifa are questioning why the police won’t get involved.


Even though the rioting has been going on for 85 days, the rioters are not getting tired, they are getting even more aggressive. Both sides were firing pepper spray at each other.

One of the patriots told the rioters that once the police are gone, the rioters will have to deal with them. No doubt, you have seen the snack truck that gives the thugs a run for their money. Last night the Patriot dealt with it and no one can help you.

For the first 84 days of rioting  the leftists have had it their own way but when people start to fight back it is very bad for them. There is only so much crap people will take before they take action.  It reached that point in Portland.


From The Gateway Pundit

The day was filled with violence, as both sides fired off pepper spray, projectiles and took swings at the other. For once, the patriots actually outnumbered the violent left.

“When the cops are gone, you’re gonna deal with us,” one of the patriots was filmed warning the anti-cop leftists.

The patriots also destroyed the snack van that has been a staple at the Portland riots for the last few months.




  1. Catherine Joyce Duncan

    August 23, 2020 at 2:25 am

    Are we really dealing with only BLM? How many are Antifa?

    • B

      August 24, 2020 at 5:07 pm

      It’s all the same Soros backed organization.

  2. Edward Gonzales

    August 23, 2020 at 5:16 am


  3. Roger savary

    August 23, 2020 at 7:05 am

    This is cool to hear about, keep fucking around with good people and you are going to get your ass kicked.

    • Ronald jewett

      August 28, 2020 at 9:05 pm

      Absolutely!!! Watch what happens after Trump gets re-elected, I guarantee you see military troops kicking BLM and antifa ass daily and the military doesn’t give warning shots

  4. Gary wiggam

    August 23, 2020 at 7:23 am

    We need 4 more yrs TRUMP2020

    • Susan

      August 24, 2020 at 8:20 am

      YES WE DO!!

    • Dave

      August 26, 2020 at 11:49 pm

      We also need to clear out the Democrats in power. They can be a minority, but nothing more…. that way Pelosi and the rest will have no power to hold over Congress.

  5. Elizabeth Wojcik

    August 23, 2020 at 8:20 am


    • Sue

      August 23, 2020 at 10:08 am

      I hope the democrats get their butts kicked don’t give up you can beat the antifa down make them pay for every day they have been doing this then maybe other cities will follow

    • Tina

      August 24, 2020 at 8:19 am


  6. shari bifulco

    August 23, 2020 at 8:34 am

    I love it. I hope a vast majority of ANTIFA and BLM are permanently disabled, or worse. They deserve nothing less.

  7. Hugh

    August 23, 2020 at 9:39 am

    It’s about time

  8. Gerald Armstrong

    August 23, 2020 at 1:22 pm

    Well it’s takes ignorance to avoid violence and call it something good. I believe they’ll go after the mayor and as cops set back as they are told the patriots meaning citizens will take some asses. Uo. It won’t be pretty

  9. Mia

    August 23, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    residents should not even have to get in arms way of these jerks (putting their lives at risk) . They are not trained but I know they want to do something. The police can’t do all because they are restricted to do very little to control the crowds because one of the mayhem protesters might get a boo boo. Screw them.. If this were China their asses would be taken away and not questions asked until they were incarcerated. These mayors/governors should be ashamed of themselves for giving in to this crap so to make Trump’s America look bad and all at the expense of the people, business. Screw them all and Don’t vote for them. Drain the swamp because the reptiles have really shown who they really are.

  10. Tammy

    August 23, 2020 at 7:31 pm

    BLM and Antifa are domestic terrorist groups starting a war and they should all be killed as terrorist. They kill and attack people and the same should be done to them.

  11. cliff russell

    August 24, 2020 at 12:47 am

    kill the commy barstards see how they like it

  12. Kathy Hernandez

    August 24, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    Go get em and don’t back down till it’s all clear of these parasites

  13. Frank Anzaldi

    August 26, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    Just like Japan did, you woke a sleeping giant. Now it’s payback

  14. Boomer

    August 27, 2020 at 10:01 am

    This is a start in the right direction but organization and strategic is the key to beating back these thugs.

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