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Domestic Terrorism

BLM Members Attack a Police State in Brooklyn, NY and the Media Barely Mentions It

SOURCE Twitter video screenshot @MrAndyNgo

The Democrat narrative that they have been pushing on America is that white supremacy is the greatest domestic terror threat to the country, so much so that President Joe Biden, the houseplant, once referred to it as an existential threat, and the other half of the narrative is that Trump supporters are all white supremacists. Of course, we all know that it’s a steaming pile of bullschtein, but they still push the narrative.

One of the real great threats to our country is the communist group Black Lives Matter (BLM) who along with the fascist, anarchist, Marxist group ANTIFA, set fire to cities across America during the summer of 2020 nightly riots after the death of George Floyd by police in the Democrat-run city of Minneapolis.

BLM delivered an attack on a New York Police station in the Bronx last Friday night.

One of the leaders of the BLM group that carried out the attack is Miguel Louis from Olympia, Washington, who said, “You lost. We won,” and “My people will continue killing you.”

BLM attacks not only police but anyone who stands in their way. They are responsible for the Defund the Police movement that caused crime to skyrocket in cities, looting, arson, murder, and violent assaults.

In today’s day and age, everyone knows BLM is a violent group of thugs, but for some reason, the mainstream news media protects them at all costs.

When Nancy Pelosi mentions January 6, the media hang on her every slurred word, repeating the lies she spreads about what really happened that day and ignoring how she herself bears some responsibility for law enforcement not being able to quell the riot, but when Black Lives Matter goes out on the streets to cause chaos, mayhem and private property destruction, if the media even reports on it, they will stand in front of burning buildings telling you the violence going on around them is “mostly peaceful.”

BLM threatens and attacks police officers while the leftist media could not care less. Believe me, far more is going on there than what the media is reporting. The reason the media do not report on BLM attacks the way they should be reported is because BLM stories like that do not fit their leftist narrative. First, they don’t want to be called a racist for reporting that a group of black communists are attacking and beating on cops, and second, the media has bought fully into the whole idea that America is systemically racist, so they have to act like the violence that comes from BLM is justified.

Never forget that Black Lives Matter reportedly made $90 million in 2020, and yet they have not yet started a service in black neighborhoods to help poor black people, no jobs services, not a single soup kitchen, nothing, which makes you wonder why the media continue to treat them like they’re a force for good for the black community. They destroy black communities, physically and emotionally.

Did you ever in your life think the mainstream news outlets would someday portray police and conservatives as the bad people overall? Today, they thrive on reporting stories like that. If BLM attacks a police station, according to leftist media types, it’s because police are hunting down innocent black people and conservatives support the police because they’re all racist. That doesn’t explain black and Hispanic conservatives, though, which is why they are always attacked and ridiculed as some sort of traitors.

Think of the number of people who are harmed by BLM behavior, both physically and property wise. The Left doesn’t care. They have a narrative.

Thankfully, there are independent and citizen journalists out there who report the news that the coward leftist news media won’t, journalists like Andy Ngo who filmed the BLM communist terrorists attacking that police station in the Bronx, exposing how they doused two police vehicles with gasoline.


For many of you, this is probably the first time you heard about this BLM attack on New York Police less than a week ago. You have to ask yourself why?

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. K

    September 10, 2021 at 10:14 am

    Sadly, We are going to have to let law enforcement go in and do whatever is necessary to these people to squash them down and to stop this violence the democrats have allowed to go on. Bring back the water cannons and rubber bullets ect. These people don’t even know why they are doing this other than enjoying being disrespectful,disruptive,and being evil. They need to be stopped.

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