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BLM Leaders Quietly Disappeared, And In A Totally Unrelated Story, So Did Millions of Unaccounted For Cash

If you started looking for the leadership of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement months ago, you’re still looking. It’s like once they became millionaires, they disappeared completely. For a group that boldly, loudly, and obnoxiously attacked everything white in America, they’re being awfully secretive these days. The two board members of the “charity” refuse to say who or what entity controls the $60 million in their coffers. Even the address the group lists on official tax forms is bogus.

Sorry, but the lack of transparency of BLM’s operations and finances smell like legal problems, at least according to charity experts that the Washington Examiner spoke to.

“Like a giant ghost ship full of treasure drifting in the night with no captain, no discernible crew, and no clear direction,” Laurie Styron, CharityWatch Executive Director said about BLM.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the Marxist BLM co-founders, had appointed 2 activists to serve as Senior Directors after she resigned in May over questions of her personal finances. Both activists said they do not know who now heads up BLM, the most notorious social justice group in America.

BLM caught the ire of some local activists when the New York Post ran a story back in April 2021 about Cullors, then acting as the Executive Director, spending $3.2 million during a real estate binge across the US. This was after a disclosure in February last year that the organization ended 2020 with $60 million in the bank.

Cullors and the organization denied she spent BLM funds on her spending spree. So the classically trained Marxist woman earned millions of dollars since the founding of BLM doing what exactly? And how could she have earned that kind of scratch without the media ever reporting on it? Maybe because she allegedly used BLM funds?

In May 2021, Cullors announced a leadership transition so she could fly the coup and named the two senior executives:

The Senior Executives are Makani Themba, Chief Strategist at Higher Ground Change Strategies, and former executive director of The Praxis Project; and Monifa Bandele, Chief Operating Officer at Time’s Up Foundation. Both women have been supporters and advisors of Black Lives Matter since its inception.

“As a strong advocate for the transformation of Black lives and the end of white supremacy, I’m eager to continue the foundation’s great work over the coming months,” said Bandele. “I’m fortunate to follow the creative and successful leadership of so many across the country, who have set a bold path for the foundation.”

Both scapegoats have said they have no idea who took over as the top executive of BLM.

“We never actually started in the position, so we never received any detailed information,” Themba said.

So much deception. Responsibility for a charity’s finances usually go to the Board of Directors, but BLM’s bylaws say those responsibilities fall on the Executive Director, who allegedly took some money and ran.

Shalomyah Bowers, one of two remaining BLM board members, served as Treasurer of many activist groups run by Collers, one of them being BLM PAC and an LA based jail reform organization called Reform LA Jails, also known as Vote Yes On R, that paid Cullors $20,000 a month. Not bad if you can get the work. #EyeRoll

Doug White, a philanthropist advisor and charity expert, said BLM not answering basic questions of the organization’s finances and leadership network is a red flag.

“Sixty million dollars is not chump change,” White said. “What BLM does is of tremendous social importance. That they won’t give an honest or complete or straightforward answer in regards to its leadership is a concern. Not only do they not have an executive director right now, we think, but they also don’t want to tell you how the organization is being run.”

Black Lives Matter for most of 2020 was not a charity. That year, during the riots over the death of George Floyd, BLM received a bonanza of cash from giant corporations and individual donors. BLM used the charitable status of California charities, Thousand Currents that reported in its audited financial statements that they transferred $66.5 million directly into BLM’s accounts in October 2020, and the Tides Foundation, which is a well-known money laundering operation for leftist groups, that via a “legal loophole, nonprofit entities can also create for-profit organizations and then funnel money to them through Tides — thereby circumventing the laws that bar nonprofits from directly funding their own for-profit enterprises,” both of which acted as BLM’s fiscal sponsors.

BLM received tax-exempt status (and why not, right?) in December 2020 from the IRS. That allowed the group to operate as a charity so that they could break away from their initial sponsors. Give us money or we’ll burn your store down!

It sounds to me like the BLM co-founder made a name for herself and the organization and after making a bundle of money from the efforts of a Marxist group that blames everything on white people, including humidity and Monday night’s liver for dinner, and then tried to fade away into obscurity without having to explain the finances or the structure of BLM.

We knew it was a scam from the very beginning, but it was a scam that did much damage to our country, our society, and our faith in government as Democrat-controlled cities across America rolled over for the nightly riots that caused death, mayhem and chaos for the innocent people who had to put up with it for the entire summer of 2020.

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