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BlazeTV Reporter Investigated by CNN, Suspended From Facebook and Instagram After Documenting Capitol Riots

CNN is investigating a Blaze TV reporter for his reporting of the riot inside the US Capitol Building. Now, I know you are ready to condemn CNN but that might not be fair. After all, BlazeTV national reporter Elijah Schaffer reported what was happening inside the Capitol Building and it is unlikely that anyone at CNN knows what Journalism is.

It is a foreign concept to them. They are just used to reading off a sheet fabricated in some back room at their headquarters. Reporting facts is a concept no one there has ever been able to grasp.

Schaffer has Capitol credentials and has a right to be inside.

CNN should start every news story at their network with, “Once upon a time…..” Maybe the same warning many TV shows are required to make such as, “The story you have seen is fictional and any resemblance between the story and the truth is purely coincidental.”

At least it would be honest, another concept CNN has been unable to wrap their minds around.

Schaffer is the host of BlazeTV’s “Slightly Offens*ve.” The videos he made inside the Capitol Building has been requested by news organizations across the country. CNN might just be bitter because they cannot get the videos since you need to be a news organization to request it. He has been suspended by Facebook and Instagram for his honest reporting. They just can’t handle it.

From The Blaze

But now CNN is reportedly looking into whether he violated the law by joining the crowd within the Capitol and filming rioters inside congressional offices.

“Thirty minutes ago, 45 minutes ago, now, I learned that CNN thinks it’s worth using their precious resources now, to investigate Elijah [Schaffer], a credentialed reporter,” said BlazeTV’s Glenn Beck said Friday morning on his radio show. “They have started digging around, trying to call his family and all his past colleagues, to find out, who he really is.”

At the time of his reporting, Schaffer claims he was there in a professional capacity and carrying congressional press credentials, allowing him to follow rioters into the Capitol and document the events. He added that law enforcement present at the scene had no problem with him being there to report on the events.

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