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Black Lives Matter Supporter Appears to Call on Kenosha ‘Protesters’ to Target Local Amazon Fulfillment Center

A BLM supporter with nearly 90,000 followers put out a tweet that is apparently directing rioters to target an Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Although it says not to go there, it then lists the address of the warehouse along with #Kenosha Uprising.

He also had some snazzy Marxist insults added to the mix.


The poster — @tommiesunshine — uses “#BlackLivesMatter” as his Twitter account heading and he refers to himself as a “sub-cultural historian”. Also a “raver/activist/protester” .

He throws in some Marxist sayings for good measure such as “if there was no Amazon then how would people get all of those Capitalistic things that no one needs delivered same day/next day?

Here are some of the comments on his posts:

  • “Hell yeah burn down the place that probably employs a quarter of the town’s actual working people,” one user noted. “Definite good way to get people on your side and stop them from being racist.”
  • “Looting is for degenerate bottom feeders. F*** off,” another user reacted.
  • “Washed up DJ with no talent stoking racial flames because no one pays attention to him anymore,” another commenter noted. “Aging sucks doesn’t it Tommie?”
  • “How about we suffocate the black community burn down all [their] necessities and prevent them from getting everyday goods,” yet another user suggested sarcastically.
  • “Funny part is [Amazon founder and CEO Jeff] Bezos owns The Washington Post which has been fueling this bulls**t BLM narrative from the start,” another user pointed out.

Kenosha has been in riot mode since Sunday night after police shot and killed Jacob Blake who is now paralyzed from the waist down. Rioting has gotten so bad that the governor has called in the National Guard.

The rioter ostensibly is looting and burning because a Black man was shot by destroying many of the Black-owned businesses in the Black business district.

Make sense?

A law enforcement officer was hit with something and he fell to the ground, apparently hit by a brick.

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