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Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Claims ‘Double-Standard’ For Capitol Hill Rioters

According to Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors, whose organization has rioted all across the country claims that the rioters in Washington DC were treated differently than if they were Black.

She’s right.

The police were not ordered to stand down, and in most cases, the DAs dropped all charges related to the riots. And Kamala Harris won’t help them post bail.

And during all the riots BLM has been involved in, not one rioter was shot dead, but in the three hours, the Washington riot lasted, one unarmed white woman was shot dead by the police.

Prosecutors say they will charge rioters with federal crimes that carry long sentences, but antifa organizer John Sullivan was arrested for storming the capital, was released without charges.

Cullors said:

“I’m really disturbed by how far we’ve allowed white supremacist violence to reign in this country. And I was the most disturbed by the double standard. I’ve spent the last 20 years being a protestor, a community organizer, and, in the last seven years, supporting and helming the protest movement that is called Black Lives Matter, and we’ve experienced military, National Guard, militarized police, rubber bullets and tear gas at protests which are largely peaceful and protests that are talking about racial injustice and the fight for Black lives.”

“And so, to watch mostly white people, white men, storm the U.S. Capitol with no consequence or accountability was shocking. We have to come to terms in this country about who this country truly protects and who it does not.”

“It’s all very clear that what we witnessed on Jan. 6 for the better part of the day in D.C. was not just white supremacist terrorism, but also law enforcement allowing for these white supremacist terrorists to run amok in the nation’s Capitol.”

“Witnessing the confederate flag being raised was both ironic but also reality — plain and simple — which is that this country is still dealing with its origin story, which is an origin story of white supremacist violence and the symbol of that white supremacist violence is the Confederate flag and it has been for a very long time.”

She forgot to mention the fact that in Washington, no businesses were looted or burned to the ground and no one was assaulted for having different beliefs.

That is one huge difference between the Washington riot and the BLM riots.

Keep some perspective.

Insurance companies paid out close to 2 billion dollars in riot damages from BLM.

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