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Black Lives Matter And Teachers Union Demand ‘Freedom Campus’ Within Nation’s Largest 4-Yr University System

Black Lives Matter is insisting that the University of California is the largest university system in the United States with 23 campuses and 430,000 underclassmen.

They are looking for a dean of Ethnic Studies. BLM is insisting the position go to Dr. Melina Abdullah, who leads the LA chapter of Black Lives Matter and is the professor of Pan African Studies at Cal State LA’

Abdullah had an interview for the job but she was passed over for the position. her supporters claim she was passed over because of her opposition to everything anti-blackness.

The BLM list of demands has also been endorsed by the California Faculty Association, a labor union that represents 29,000 professors, lecturers, librarians and staffers in the CSU community.

BLM has listed 15 demands of the university system. here are a few of them:




Abdullah has openly campaigned for the position and has requested that the public notify the university of their desire to see her named as the Dean of Ethnic Studies. The founding dean’s job description includes participating “in developing University policy and strategic planning and represent the College internally and in the larger community and region.”

Hundreds of activists rallied outside the office of college Dean Covino’s office demanding that Abdullah receive the new position.

From The Daily Wire

Abdullah was instrumental in convincing LA’s public school district in 2014 to mandate ethnic studies classes as a requirement for high school graduation. She serves on the Taskforce for the Advancement of Ethnic Studies for the CSU system.

Meanwhile, she is pushing statewide legislation requiring CSU students to take one 3-credit unit of any accepted Ethnic Studies class. That proposal, Assembly Bill 1460, would supersede a broader requirement recently approved by CSU’s Board of Trustees. The bill is expected to reach Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk soon.

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