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Black Business Owner Says Vote For Trump Is “Solidified” After Business Targeted By Rioters

Two windows were shot and one window smashed in last Sunday at Heroes American Cafe in Portland, Oregon during the violence of the “Indigenous Peoples Day of Rage” protests.

Army and Marine Corps veteran John Jackson told Fox News that he voted hesitantly for Donald Trump in the 2016 election. But the violence that has been engulfing Portland, and has now come upon his own business, has made him more sure of his vote this time around.

“This solidified my Trump vote,” Jackson said. “I’m done with this weakness and we need some real strong leadership.”

Jackson told The Oregonian that the attack appeared to be “a planned thing”. Antifa-affiliated accounts on Twitter called out the Heroes American Cafe as an “unfriendly business” for their support of law enforcement. And according to Jackson, the business received an anonymous phone call the Thursday prior to the attack, warning them of upcoming consequences.

The cafe supports a variety of heroes, including law enforcement, fire fighters, nurses, educators, and paramedics. “We named the Restaurant Heroes because it is a core value of our business to honor and remember local Heroes every day,” their website states.

Police were unable to respond to the damage on Sunday night, but the restaurant opened its doors for business on Monday , windows boarded up with plywood.

On the same rainy night, crowds also tore down statues of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, stole an historical African-American quilt from a local museum, and vandalized many other local establishments as a protest against colonialism.

Jackson estimates that repairing the damages will cost $3,000.

Jackson may be frustrated, but he is undeterred: “We’re not changing what we do because of things that are to me, kind of terroristic in approach. We’re just not yielding to any of that.”

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