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Bill Nye Testified Before Congress On Climate Change, Next, He’ll Replace the Professor On Gilligan’s Island

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

On Tuesday, while testifying in front of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Bill Nye (the not-so-science guy) told lawmakers that he was “scared too” about climate change and that the United States must “invest in a big way” to solve the problem.

That would be the same problem that pseudo-scientists for years now have predicted would cause the world to come to an end unless Americans stopped having a good time. The funny about their doom and gloom predictions are they have never rung true. Whack job wing nuts like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) (AOC) said in January 2019 that we have twelve years left to live unless we do something about climate change. She did more than something. She came up with the Green New Deal, a series of programs that would alter the American way of life so much you might want to kill yourself before her predicted 12 years are up.

And that’s another thing. It’s been two years now since her dire warning and yet we don’t hear AOC saying we now have only 10 years to live unless we do something. Either she was being hyperbolic on steroids or for the New York congresswoman, math is really hard.

For five years, from 1993 through 1998, Bill Nye did a public television show called “Bill Nye the Science Guy” where he educated children on various science topics. Anyone can do a children’s science show given a script, a little talent, and basic studio support, but when you’re called up to testify before Congress on a topic that has sweeping implications on public policy that would affect more than 300 million American lives you should have some legitimate background in science. Nye does not. His background is in engineering.

To give my point some perspective, in another life, I am a senior programmer. I write software code like business systems and algorithms for things like data analysis and machine learning. At last count, I know how to write software code using any of the 11 programming languages that I have focused on since 1994. I’m not saying this to toot my own horn, I’m merely pointing out that I am technically a computer science guy, but I don’t run around in a white lab coat and I’m not being asked to testify before Congress on the efficiency of social media tech tyrant’s censorship algorithms used to silence conservative posters.

During his testimony on Tuesday, Representative Al Green (D-TX) asked the engineer how can the country address climate change when so many people do not believe it’s a real thing and Nye conveyed how he dealt with skeptics in the past.

“I’ve fought this for 30 years: trying to get people to accept the science of climate change. I offered four bets to two notorious climate deniers. I offered them $10,000 that 2016 would be the hottest year on record, 2010-2020 would be the hottest decade on record. Neither one of them would take either one of the bets,” Nye responded.

That doesn’t sound very scientific. Scientists aren’t supposed to get people to “accept the science.” A scientist begins with a hypothesis and works to see if it is correct or not. The scientific method involves careful observation, applying rigorous skepticism about what is being observed, and understanding that cognitive assumptions can distort how one interprets the observation. Bill Nye and the other watermelons of the government gravy train science industry known as climate change, that only a few short years ago was called global warming until it was proven by real scientists that the earth has been in a cooling phase, start their “scientific method” with a preconceived notion that manmade climate change is real.

Remember, it’s not that these kooks want you to believe that the climate is changing. Even the two-digit dullards of the Democratic Party can observe that. No, what these watermelons (green on the outside and socialist red on the inside) want you to believe is that you and your family are causing the climate to change. If they can convince enough of you that you’re the problem then they can get away with pushing socialist policies on you and you’ll accept the pain they cause because after all, you are the problem.

Nye added: “They wouldn’t take the bets because they’re scared. We’re all frightened. This thing is overwhelming and if you don’t believe me, there have been these studies lately that, worldwide, people are having fewer and fewer children. That’s because women and men are a little reticent to bring a kid into a world where the world’s on fire. So, everybody, we’re in this together. We’ve got to fight this fight together. I’m scared too. Let’s get to work.”

At one point Nye said, “I encourage everyone to realize how serious this problem of climate change is, how it affects everyone on Earth, and how we’ve got to work together to move forward.”

And I encourage everyone to educate themself on who Bill Nye really is. This fascist scientific fraud during an interview once said that “climate science deniers” should be thrown in prison. He said that in 2016 and he still believes it. Folks, with the current crop of radical Democrats running the country right now, they’ll do it. Don’t underestimate people who co-opted the term “deniers” from the term holocaust deniers just to make their global warming arguments appear serious. They will create climate gulags.


The main problem I have with the Climate Supremacists is that all of their data, every study they mention to help make themselves appear knowledgeable on the subject, come from computer models. There’s no real-world scientific evidence. Oh, they’ll tell you that the studies they cite are from real-world data using the scientific method, but they’re lying. Every one of them is lying, even if they’re a cuckoo level 16 grand wizard climate guardian in the Supremacy or whatever the title they used to impress people, it’s computer models. Me, being a real computer scientist, I can tell you right now I can write a computer program that will say anything you want it to say, so long as your check doesn’t bounce.

The work Nye mentioned during his testimony includes Congress passing broad regulations to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In other words, the Climate Supremacy wants Americans to stop having a good time via government force.

“I think it’s time for the government to invest in a big way,” Nye said.

When Nye and other Grand Poobahs of the Climate Supremacy tell you that we have to invest in their sham advice, they’re talking about draconian measures like the Green New Deal, and when you read that garbage legislation that initially blamed cow farts for having to cool your homes in August, you realize it’s loaded with socialist policies that will do absolutely nothing for the climate and are just a big redistribution of wealth boondoggle.

But Nye, like Algore, climate change’s Frankenstein’s monster, is a true believer. True believers adhere to the Climate Supremacy’s monthly scheduled Kool-Aid flavor changes to break up the monotony.

Don’t believe me? When Nye was asked about China’s role in combatting climate change, a county that produced more greenhouse gas emissions in 2019 than the combined industrialized nations in the world, Nye gave them a soft pass by saying that no single nation alone can fix things when it comes to suppressing its people with watermelon policies.

“Everything every single one of us does affects everyone in the world because we all share the air,” he said.

Scientifically, that’s just not true, and people who accept that line of thinking are nuts.

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