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Bill Maher Slams Biden’s Anti-MAGA Speeches

Real Time host Bill Maher shared his thoughts on President Joe Biden’s speech from earlier in the week in which Biden targeted voters and condemned MAGA supporters. Biden previously told those same voters that he would be ‘their’ president even if they didn’t support him. That, like everything else, was a lie. He also claimed that he would unite the country but we can all see how that’s going.

“I got to say — Joe Biden is an old dog that can learn a new trick,” the host said during his TV show Real Time on Friday.

“He came into office — ‘I’m going to reconcile with Republicans, the old Republican Party’ — he finally got it through his head. No, they’re not — you cannot negotiate with election-deniers,” he said.

In Biden’s speech, he called the conservative party “semi-fascist” during a speech at a Democratic National Committee fundraiser event in Bethesda, Maryland.

“So 59% of the people agree with him in this speech about MAGA is a threat to this country because they don’t believe in democracy,” Maher said of the public reaction to the speech. “But 58% of the people said this speech was divisive. I get this because I feel like it’s kind of analogous to Afghanistan. That he did it? I like. The way they did it? Not good.”

After getting smacked down by his handlers, Biden tried to say that he was only talking about some conservatives and pointed a very damning finger at Trump supporters calling them ‘fringe extremists’. That’s a big group to just be considered ‘fringe’ and it’s dangerous for a president to target any one type of Americans.

“No one heard this!” Maher said of Biden’s definition of a MAGA Republican. “They didn’t watch this speech. All they heard was he attacked us. He attacked our side. That’s where his big mistake was. People are not good enough to appreciate nuance in this country.”

Instead, the talk show host suggested that the president similarly criticize those fringe characters among the Democrats who “have to own other crazy s***.”

“There’s something every day that Biden could have picked out and said, ‘And my side has gone too far on this,’” Maher said. “And yes, it wouldn’t be equivalent, but the country could then — the people in the middle and the people who don’t want to feel like you’re just attacking my team would be, like, ‘Yes, finally.’ And then, he could not have to run again.”


Democrats claim that the MAGA crows ‘only’ make up about 1/3 of the voters while Republicans sustain that it is at least half of the country. Judging by Biden’s approval ratings I would say the Republicans I don’t think there is any question where voters stand. This goes to show that Biden seems willing to tear the nation apart and turn Americans against each other just to try and win the midterms for his buddies.


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