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Bill Maher Slams Biden for Forcing Us Off Fossil Fuels Without Having a Replacement

Even Bill knows what a disaster Biden is!

There are several ways in life to know that you’ve made a bad decision. Sometimes it will come back and bite you in the butt, in fact, that’s often the case.

Joe Biden is something exceptional when it comes to making bad decisions. He’s full of them, but the thing is that it never comes back to bite him in the butt, it’s our butts that are getting chewed up and spit out.

Let me tell you a story: When I was 18 years old, I was living on my own and my parents lived about 6 hours away in another state. I quit my job because I didn’t like the idea that my boss was changing my hours.

As a result, I left my job and couldn’t get another one. I didn’t plan ahead before making a rash decision like this. That’s exactly what Joe Biden did.

As a result of my stupidity, I was evicted from my apartment and literally lost everything I had besides what I could fit inside of my car. I had to start my life over.

As a result of Joe Biden’s stupidity, we all are suffering while he doesn’t feel even an itch of suffering because he’s so rich and taken care of by his handlers.

Liberal Bill Maher even feels the same way.

“Look, I wish we were all off fossil fuels forever,” Maher said. “But the truth is that when people get off fossil fuels before they have a replacement, they wind up going back to even worse fossil fuels,” Maher added. “Germany said, ‘We don’t want nuclear power anymore,’ which is the cleanest, and what did they have to go back to? Coal.”

You can’t explain this to leftists because they never want to hear anything but praises for their policies.

“And basically, the same thing happened here. We said, ‘Saudi Arabia, go f*** yourself, you killed a journalist,’ and now, Biden is going over there, hat in hand, begging them for oil. Because people want their gas.”

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