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Bill Maher Observes That Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board Could Apply It’s Definition To Obama’s Promises of Obamacare [VIDEO]

On HBO’s “Real Time” on Friday, host Bill Maher denounced the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Disinformation Governance Board and rightfully made an argument that the agency’s definition of “disinformation” could be applied to former President Barack Hussein Milhaus Benito Obama’s promise to Americans over Obamacare that if they liked their doctor they could keep him and pondered, “who do you think the truth czar is going to be in 2025?”

Maher said, “They’re right to compare this to Orwell and the Ministry of Truth. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Now, when they first explained it, they mentioned two things that they were going to go after: Russian misinformation, I said, okay, I’m alright with that. Russia, that’s not us, and they are our adversary and they’re trying to hurt us. And then traffickers, okay, I get that, people coming across the border, you can tell them misinformation, that’s bad. But then, here’s from the Department of Homeland Security, disinformation is defined as ‘false information that is deliberately spread with the [intent] to deceive or mislead,’ well, you could have said that about if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, if you didn’t like that. It said, [disinformation] ‘can take many forms.’ Okay, now we’re going faster down the slippery slope, including but not limited to the two I mentioned. Okay, so, government should not be involved in deciding what’s true or not true is, I think, what a lot of people are saying. And my follow-up question would be, who do you think the truth czar is going to be in 2025?”


Maher should get a lot of credit for speaking out this way because most other famous leftists are all in with the current regime trying to decide what is truth and what is not. They think the government will always support their way of thinking and always go after conservative speech. And that’s true while the Democrats are in charge. But, as Maher points out, the Democrats are probably going to lose the White House in 2024. That’s if they allow the country to have an honest and fair election, unlike what happened in 2020. And when they lose that election, the other side will be in charge. Maher is asking his fellow leftists how they would feel when the government is telling them that everything they say that goes against the government’s agenda is disinformation.

There is no role for the government in deciding what the truth is. The natural process of free speech is what weeds out disinformation. Dialogue in the town square is the greatest weapon to get to the truth. Our Founding Fathers understood that. And this shouldn’t apply only to the government.

While so-called “Fact Checkers” didn’t exist until the truth started getting out, this Disinformation Governance Board didn’t come into existence until Elon Musk decided to take away from Marxists their greatest weapon, which is the ability to censor opposing viewpoints from the town square, when he decided to purchase Twitter, make it a private company, and turn it into a Free Speech hub. When you think about it, that is when the Biden administration came up with the idea for government violating American citizens’ right to Free Speech under the First Amendment by creating a Ministry of Truth.

Bill Maher is a leftist, but he doesn’t get nearly enough credit for speaking out against the radical craziness that his fellow leftists openly support.

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