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Bill Gates, Who Supports Censorship, Gave Millions to a Dark Money Fund That Is Attacking Elon Musk, a Free Speech Advocate

Gates is an “Agenda Contributor” to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum that is pushing for The Great Reset.
The post Bill Gates, Who Supports Censorship, Gave Millions to a Dark Money Fund That Is Attacking Elon Musk, a Free Speech Advocate appeared first on DJHJ Media.

The former founder and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, does not like free speech. We can now say for sure that Gates is a globalist leftist who does not want people with opposing viewpoints to be able to express themselves.

Breitbart News reported that hundreds of millions of dollars poured into 11 of the 26 organizations that last month signed an open letter to advocating for Twitter advertisers to boycott the platform if Elon Musk purchases the company, takes it private, and most importantly, brings back free speech. I guess it sucks for them that Musk’s plan involves relying on a lot less advertising dollars while converting to a multi-tiered subscription service.

A group called Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO) analyzed public filings to detect hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from the signers of the letter back to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

New Venture Fund in 2020 received the largest one-year commitment the Gates Foundation offered in over 5 years, and funded 4 of the organizations that signed the letter. The leftist money laundering organization, the Tides Foundation, which also gets money from the Gates Foundation, funds 5 more.

Tides is an organization where rich leftists can donate vast sums of money for leftist causes around the world anonymously. They give the money to Tides, who then distributes it to whatever leftist cause the donor wants or it can be requested to be done randomly. Tides, like George Soros, funds anti-American leftist causes among other radical agendas.

The five other organizations that Tides funds that signed the letter are Black Lives Matter Global Network, Free Press, Indivisible, Media Matters, and NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Empowering Pacific Islanders Community and Reproaction, two more signers, have financial ties to the Gates Foundation.

It is incredible that this many organizations are against free speech, and even more incredible that they no longer hide it.

Bill Gates is currently in a public dispute with Musk, the free speech advocate, so the open letter’s connection to the software company founder is substantial. Last month I did a story on Musk shutting down a meeting with Gates and then trolling him on Twitter. Gates had set up a meeting to talk about “philanthropy possibilities,” and when Gates texted the Tesla CEO that he had just landed, Musk texted back “Cool,” and then in a subsequent text he asked, “Do you still have a half billion dollar short position against Tesla?” Gates replied, “Sorry to say I haven’t closed it out,” and then said he wanted to talk about philanthropy to which Musk replied, “Sorry, but I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously when you have a massive short position against Tesla, the company doing the most to solve climate change.”

Musk went on to troll Gates by tweeting, “in case u need to lose a boner fast” to a photo of Gates posing for a photo outdoors with a big gut next to a pregnant man emoji.

Gates seems like a vindictive man, almost enough to create a #MeToo plot against Musk, but that’s still in the “allegedly” column.

The Windows creator speaks openly about his support for censorship, making him just another piece of crap leftist who doesn’t believe in American ideals. He called on Big Tech companies to censor free speech in the guise of halting “health misinformation” being posted online. Who died and make him the Bill of Rights?

Isn’t it interesting that after the tiff between the two billionaires, Musk, who has said he wants to bring free speech back to Twitter, is now being hit with NGOs that have all been funded by Gates?

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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