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Bill Barr Trashes Trump AGAIN: “Unprecedented for a President to Take All This Classified Information…” (VIDEO)

When Donald Trump announced his intention to run for President of the United States, he established some concrete objectives. He said he was going to “drain the swamp.” The minute he walked down the escalator as a 2016 presidential candidate, the left despised him.

Predominately, the progressive left of the Democrat Party controls Washington, D.C. There are a few dozen “Republicans In Name Only” (RINOs) who are as filthy as the swamp creatures from the far left. Sometimes they’re even worse.

The RINOs will tell conservative voters what they want to hear to get elected. However, these professional politicians are nothing more than hardened D.C. bureaucrats. They are the lifeblood that keeps the swamp alive.

President Trump exposed the corruption within the deep state. Nevertheless, even President Trump was fooled by a few of the more corrupt D.C. swamp creatures. President Trump appointed individuals who promised to uphold conservative values and put Americans first.

Some of them did not. President Trump’s first Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, showed his true colors. Sessions allowed a bogus Russia collusion investigation to engulf over two years of President Trump’s first term. It was a “D.C. swamp” orchestrated witch hunt.

But Jeff Sessions was mostly guilty of turning a blind eye to the corruption of the “deep state.” He clearly showed a lack of backbone. But when President Trump appointed William Barr as his Attorney General, he could never have imagined the complete lack of loyalty.

William Barr has long been a member of D.C.’s elite bureaucracy. Barr served as the 77th U.S. Attorney General under President George H.W. Bush. President Trump certainly felt like he would get a dedicated conservative when he made Barr the 85th Attorney General.

Barr did an average as President Trump’s Attorney General. Nevertheless, many question why Barr allowed BLM and ANTIFA to ravage the country for six months. Then he failed to support the President when things became difficult.

As the nation’s highest-ranking legal officer, Barr failed to put forth any effort to investigate what was an astonishing amount of fraud in the 2020 presidential election. In fact, William Barr turned on his former boss. Keep in mind who recommended Barr to President Trump: Mitch McConnell.

Barr insisted that he didn’t see any evidence of widespread fraud. The amount of evidence that has come forth since the 2020 election has been astronomical. But William Barr still insists that questioning the validity of the most important government election in the world is a conspiracy.

These aren’t the only embarrassing public comments Barr has made. The most recent comments may be the worst. Barr is making bizarre accusations about the raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

It’s as if he’s cheerleading for the corrupt DOJ’s attack on the former president. Many of Barr’s comments make no sense. The former attorney general spoke about the documents seized in the raid to FOX News’ America Reports.

Barr said, “I think for them to have taken things to the current point, they probably have pretty good evidence. People say this was unprecedented, well it’s also unprecedented for a president to take all this classified information and put them in a country club.”

Mar-a-Lago is not a country club. It is a secure private residence with a full team of Secret Service agents on guard. Why would William Barr make such a stupid and untrue analogy? He went on to insist that President Trump didn’t declassify any documents.

Barr told Fox News, “If in fact he sort of stood over scores of boxes, not really knowing what was in them, and said, ‘I hereby declassify everything in here,’ that would be such an abuse.” This is the man who said he “rarely saw or spoke” to the president during the last few weeks in office.

As a former “two-time” attorney general, William Barr is well aware of governmental procedure when addressing the document rights of a former president. He knew that President Trump had the constitutional power to declassify anything.

Barr also knows, that as a former president, Donald Trump has the statutory power to keep personal copies. So, why would a former attorney general turn on his former boss? Mike Davis is a former law clerk for U.S. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. Davis floated one thought.

Barr is peddling a new book. When he gets airtime, he needs to stir the pot. If William Barr can trigger enough “palace intrigue,” he’ll sell some more books. If you’re thinking that sounds pretty sleazy, you shouldn’t be surprised. After all, William Barr is a D.C. swamp creature like all the rest.

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