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BIG! Bill Binney Cites Obama EO, Wants Trump to Get that Declassified Info Out to the Public Before Election- Go Around the CIA and FBI, to the NSA!

In a press event two former Government NSA directors talked about how President Donald J. Trump could effectively get information out to the public around the Intelligence Communities and Big Tech censorship.

“NSA data that they have been collecting on every American is a two-way street, we also have all of the information on the people in the Government who have been committing crimes, it is a two-way street remember and we should be using that,” Bill Binney said in an explosive statement.

“You can not trust to the system,” Binney, a highly technical expert, and NSA Whistleblower said at the press event. “The NSA, the FBI, and the CIA are not trustworthy,” he said.

The issue of Gina Haspel sitting on information from the CIA, that Trump declassified for public consumption ahead of the election came up.

Dennis Speed, the facilitator of the media event said, “We now have a process of suppression of information, last week with big tech censorship attempted to squelch stories critical of Biden.”

The topic of the conversation was how President Donald J. Trump can get information out to the people he wants out, going around the Intelligence Community, who appear to be holding back information from the American public.

“The President has the authority to declassify anything and put it out in the public”, Binney, the focus of a movie called a Good American, said.

Binney, who was active at the NSA for 32 years, and has been active on Twitter, posting about his findings and how the NSA and encryption works, Binney validated, verbally at the event, that this is his account:

” Even with the capabilities we had back in the 1960’s, exposing things is not a secret to the Intelligence committee, according to Executive Order 1356-127 and he has the authority things to declassify anything, esp when done in a crime. He has the authority to fire people, and do it in two days,” Bill Binney said.

“We need people who will take action, he already has the power and authority to do it. Anything that he wants out there. We have little time to use the powers they have for the common good,” Kirk Weibe said.

Both Binney and Weibe have been speaking publicly about these issues for years.

Kirk Wiebe’s opening statement, Tuesday, was, “We are already in a civil war- it started because civil wars don’t start with gunshots, they start with disagreements about essential things. Things like, what do we want to be as a country, a Constitutional Republic, and if we can keep it? Do we cherish freedom of speech? We have seen the most blatant censorship in the last days and it is going to get worse. The government takes too long and we don’t have time anymore if we treat as a premium the knowledge people are due when they make informed decisions,” Weibe said.

“People do not have the information they need. this is information warfare, it is not a mistake it an orchestrated plan to deny truth and control message then control people’s thoughts- be alert and watchful we have to take the challenge seriously.”

Barbara Boyd, a member of LaRouche Pac said, “most of what has happened to President Donald J. Trump, is what I call a lawyers Coup- few people realized that people, this is a revolt of the political class. Trump was impeached for mentioning the corruption of Biden in Ukraine, for just mentioning it. General Flynn was going to clean this up, and look what happened to him. “

Binney’s Opening statement was” from my POV I mean we are facing this district of corruption and it is a standard they are accusation to it being the norm, they are looking down at us in the country we have to stand up against it- it is clear to us what is happening they have disdain for us we are cannon fodder- they need to pay a see the big price and we need to vote them out- so they need to be held accountable or they are going to do it again- I wrote down crimes that they have committed, the crimes they charge us with they make up- the crimes I see no one has to make up. We need to replace people who are slow-rolling this information getting out to the public, people like Barr and Durham need to charge the people responsible, indicate them and hold them accountable-we don’t want to have a major war, so we need to fix it now- secure the people in the DOJ to prosecute people for crimes they have committed.”

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