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Biden’s Taxpayer Dollar Funding For Abortion At This Point Far Outspends Obama

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

According to an analysis by a leading pro-life organization, President Joe Biden has already poured almost 20 times as much taxpayer dollars into the baby-killing abortion industry as Barack Obama had at this point in his presidency. That’s crazy for a man who once supported stripping exceptions for rape and incest from federal funding.

In only four months of being in office, Biden has directed nearly $500 billion in federal funding to the abortion industry through legislation and executive orders, sometimes bypassing well-known restrictions that prevented your taxpayer dollars from directly paying for abortions like the Hyde Amendment and the Helms Amendment. Folks, that’s half a trillion to the Politically Correct Death Squad that provides a way to kill babies. If you are Pro-Life, it’s disgusting that your tax dollars are being used for that endeavor.

According to the Family Research Council, a Washington-based research organization focused on traditional values, that half a trillion dollars, up to $386.7 billion could directly fund abortion.

This means that Joe Biden, a man who claimed to be Pro-Life throughout much of his career, who says he is Roman Catholic, will be the most pro-abortion president in US history, according to Connor Semelsberger, director of federal affairs for life and human dignity at the Family Research Council, which did the analysis.

“If you look at the four years of the Trump administration, more was done for the pro-life movement in his four years than under eight years of the Bush administration to advance pro-life policies,” Semelsberger told The Daily Signal. “Now, the Biden administration is on track to surpass the Obama administration’s eight years on pro-abortion policies.”

As a Roman Catholic, I can tell you that supporting the abortion industry in any way goes completely counter to what the church stands for, even under the Marxist Pope Francis.

Biden’s stimulus bill that he signed in March specifically exempted $459 billion from traditional restrictions against taxpayer dollars going to fund abortion directly. In other words, the politically correct death squad no longer has to lie about the money they get from us the taxpayers by claiming that it supports the other side of their industry which is non-abortion Women’s Health like mammograms and things like that even though most of that is outsourcing and not actually doing the procedures in their clinics. They also claimed they used the money for overhead. My point has always been that this is a scam to get around the Hyde Amendment that blocks government funding for abortions, and the Helms Amendment, which barred tax dollars from funding abortions overseas. Why the hell would our government want to fund abortions in other countries? They want to spread the death of babies overseas.

Biden and Democrats in Congress sold the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan as COVID-19 relief legislation.

“The American Rescue Plan contains an astounding range of funding streams that lack pro-life protections,” said Melanie Israel, serving as a policy analyst in the DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation.

“For funding both foreign and domestic, the legislation failed to retain the various pro-life policy riders typically attached to federal spending measures to explicitly prohibit abortion funding and abortion coverage in federal programs,” Israel said.

While the American Rescue Plan (ARP) was being debated in Congress, Representative Jackie Walorski (R-IN), Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), and Representative Virginia Foxx (R-NC) introduced an amendment that was similar to the Hyde Amendment to block the bill from funding abortions. Their amendment 203 co-sponsors and the House Democrat majority voted it down, because they love using your tax dollars to pay for killing babies.

“On top of the ARP, the Biden administration is currently working to rescind the Trump administration’s pro-life protections for the Title X family planning program,” Israel said. “Planned Parenthood walked away from the program over the Trump administration’s pro-life policies. If this regulation is finalized, Planned Parenthood will once again have access to millions in federal family planning funds.”

Besides spending within the stimulus bill, Biden’s executive orders have provided an additional $12.1 billion to the abortion industry.

A $10 million forgivable loan through the Paycheck Protection Program recently was given to Planned Parenthood of Greater New York, and another $850,000 loan went to Planned Parenthood Keystone in Warminster, Pennsylvania. Forgivable under this dreadful administration is newspeak for “it’s not a loan, it’s a gift.”

Talk about culture shock. Folks, almost overnight we went from Donald Trump the most Pro-Life president in our nation’s history to the most extreme abortion supporter in Joe Biden.
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