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Biden’s State Dept Deem Military Families Not Eligible To Evacuate From Afghanistan

The  Biden administration has found a way to cut down the number of Americans trapped in Afghanistan after Biden abandoned them. They merely make them ineligible for evacuation. That’s like improving grade scores by making anyone with a low score eligible.

The teacher’s union would love that plan because they could teach less and then demand another pay raise, claiming the money is needed to educate your children.

Recently the Biden administration and the State Department claimed they were stepping up efforts to bring people home. By eliminating family members of servicemen and women they can make it appear that -progress is being made. It is so much easier than doing their job.

This new edict affects the family of 60 of our soldiers. In my mind that is 60 too much. No number on how many people this affects.

John Kirby said:

“They were all evaluated and thus far, in the evaluation, none have been determined to be eligible for parolee status.”

Afghanistan only continues to destabilize as it battles with ISIS-K:

“The Taliban has expanded its shadowy war against the Islamic State branch in Afghanistan, deploying hundreds of more fighters to this eastern province in an increasingly violent fight and critical test of the group’s counterterrorism abilities after the U.S. troop withdrawal.”

More than 1,300 additional Taliban fighters have been deployed to Nangahar province as the Taliban steps up operations aimed against suspected Islamic State-Khorasan members. Hundreds have either been arrested or turned up dead, according to Taliban fighters and local residents. In a country filled with terrorists, the terrorists have to battle each other for control.

From The Lead Patriot

The Pentagon, which has successfully helped evacuate other relatives, did not say how many family members the State Department reviews this month affected. The numbers have been a shifting target since the complete U.S. military withdrawal on Aug. 30.

Many of the troops who have attempted to get relatives evacuated were Afghan interpreters who immigrated to the U.S. and enlisted. The State Department is in charge of determining whether Afghans qualify for “parole” and evacuation. They must be the spouse or child under 21 years old of a U.S. citizen or resident, according to the agency’s criteria.”

I think it’s interesting that the mainstream media covered the Pentagon’s vow to get Americans out but are widely silent now that the State Department has pretty much walked back that promise.

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