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Biden’s HHS Secretary Vows ‘Action’ on Abortion But Can’t Say What

SCOTUS said no. End of story.

On Tuesday,  Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Democrat Xavier Becerra promised that his department plans to “move as aggressively” as it can to guarantee women can get abortions while “complying with the law.”

At least he’s talking about complying with the law unlike so many ignoramuses in the Democratic Party.

Becerra made the carefully tendered words during a press conference where HHS vowed it would submit an announcement of action to respond to the overturning of Roe v Wade.

The HHS secretary repeatedly told reporters that “every option is on the table” but did not offer any response on whether he supports opening abortion clinic on federal lands.

Becerra’s department is “aware of a number of ideas and proposals, many of which we have been considering internally,” he said, but no decisions have yet been made.

A reporter asked when the so-called “action” will come since most of what he said was already mentioned since the time the initial draft document was illegally leaked.

“When can we expect more concrete steps?” she asked. “Are your hands tied?”

Becerra replied that the ruling upended “50 years of precedent.”

So what? Fifty years of bad law still needed to be rectified.

“You want to make sure that what you do is within the confines of the law,” he said. “We are not interested in going rogue and doing things just because. We want to make sure what we tell Americans is accurate.”

“Friday’s Supreme Court decision was despicable, but it was also predictable,” Becerra said in prepared statement. “HHS has been preparing for this for some time.”

Only a Democrat could say overturning an unconstitutional ruling is despicable.

Becerra then announced the HHS Reproductive Access Task Force to “plan for every action necessary to protect women’s access to reproductive health care.”

Why? The SCOTUS just told him it’s a state issue.

“There is no magic bullet,” he added. “But if there is something we can do, we will find it and we will do it at HHS. Indeed, that was the instruction I received from the President of the United States.” The Moron-in-Chief he didn’t add.

Becerra promised that the ghouls at HHS would take steps to help get access to abortion drugs, claiming that “federal law requires our programs to provide medication abortion in limited circumstances, including life of the mother, rape, or incest.” I believe the Court said no to that.

“Now more than ever it is imperative that all federally-supported programs and services are complying and providing this under the law,” he added.

Becerra also said that he is ordering the Office for Civil Rights to “ensure patient privacy and nondiscrimination” for both abortion patients and providers.

Isn’t it strange how Democrats treat some medical issues like abortion with medical privacy but others like if you got vaccinated without?

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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