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Biden’s Handlers Release at Least 50 Afghans with ‘Potentially Significant Security Concerns’ Into the U.S.

I know this may be hard for you to believe, but Joe Biden has lied to you. Crazy Uncle Joe promised that there would be vigorous vetting for all Afghani refugees. The truth is, almost none of them have been vetted. My guess is the ones who were vetted were merely asked if they were a criminal or a terrorist and if they said no, they were vetted.

Biden claimed he was putting his crack team in charge of vetting. I’m assuming he meant Hunter. We now know that at least 50 of the refugees are security risks. Remember, there are at least three terrorist groups in Afghanistan, The Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS-k. And who controlled who could and could not enter the Kabul Airport? The Taliban. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Even worse is that Crazy Uncle Joe moved those 50 into the interior of the country and they only know where 3 of them are. Yeah, President Trump was rude, but at least you knew that he was watching out for you and not just going through the motions and pretending they have a clue like we have now. I’ll take rude over insane any day. Wouldn’t you?

And remember, there are tens of thousands who could not be vetted. How many of them are a risk to our country? Even if we are talking about just 1% that would be 100 out of every 10,000. There were only 19 911 terrorists and they killed nearly 3,000 Americans.  You do the math.

From PJ Media

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) observed: “I expressed concern about the administration’s lackluster efforts to screen evacuees flooding from the terrorist safe haven. According to a new report by the Pentagon watchdog, the situation is far worse than we thought.” He added that “the report should put a halt to talk of speeding up citizenship or other permanent legal opportunities for the evacuees,” but that’s about as likely to happen as the Democrats running a Trump-DeSantis ticket in 2024. After all, the Biden administration is much more concerned about bringing large numbers of immigrants into the country who will be dependents upon the government, and hence be reliable Democrat voters, than they are about the national security issues involved in flooding the country with unvetted people from a jihadi hotspot.

Even aside from the question of vetting, which can only determine if the refugees are on various lists of known criminals and terrorists, is the social problem that the Afghans pose, and no one wants to talk about that at all. Already several Afghan refugees have been arrested for sexual assault. One Afghan at Quantico Marine Base in Virginia was arrested for sexual assault of a three-year-old girl; he explained ingenuously that what he had done was perfectly acceptable in his culture. That is true; so is bacha bazi, the sexual abuse of young boys, which American forces in Afghanistan were ordered to ignore among their Afghan friends and allies. Nothing is being done to explain to these Afghan refugees that American culture is different and that such practices are actually criminal acts here. Perhaps such efforts are considered “Islamophobia” and “ethnocentric.” And as is always the case with Leftist utopian fantasies, it is ordinary Americans who will be forced to pay the price.


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