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Biden’s Energy Secretary SLAMMED After Ridiculous Sunday Show Appearance

The Biden administration’s tone deafness and lack of comprehension of the lives of ordinary Americans who aren’t millionaires is one of its defining characteristics.

What’s worse is that they are completely unaware of how foolish their statements are.

Consider Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s own energy secretary. To help Americans cut their electricity costs, she made one of the worst suggestions.

“If you are low income, you can get your home entirely weatherized through the expansion from the bipartisan infrastructure laws, a significant expansion — you don’t have to pay for anything,” she said, adding, “If you want heat pumps, insulation, new windows, that is covered,” she said. “If you are moderate income, today you can get 30% off the price of solar panels. Those solar panels can be financed, so you don’t have to have the big outlay at the front … If you don’t qualify for the weatherization program, you will be able to, starting next year, get rebates on the appliances and equipment that will help you reduce your monthly energy bill by up to 30%. That is all about reducing costs for people.”

If you’re poor, go spend $10,000 on solar panels! That’s the solution!

They are SO out of touch. Lower-income individuals do not have thousands of dollars to spend on solar panels. Most of them are struggling for groceries, but they want them to spend 10 times that amount on some solar panels that will pay off in 5-10 years? C’mon man!

Twitter ripped into Granholm:



Look, I make a decent amount of money, and I don’t even have an extra $10,000 that I could spend on solar panels for my home. These people need to be removed from their high places and the rest of Americans need to wake up and stop voting for these incompetent imbeciles.

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