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Biden’s Director for Sustainable Supply Chains Is a Klaus Schwab WEF Climate Activist Who Also Worked For Hunter Biden Think Tanks

Well, well, well…

President Joe Biden has a lot of advisors, like every president does, but a lot of his advisors are not exactly decent people with your best interests at heart.

One such advisor to Biden on the supply chain issue is a person who worked on several World Economic Forum (WEF) climate change initiatives and was a fellow at a think tank that was vice-chaired by Hunter Biden. I wonder what the scam was on the latter one?

Betty Cremmins worked as the Director or Sustainable Supply Chains at the White House since February 2022, according to her LinkedIn account. In that role, she has overseen the federal government’s continuing supply chain problems that were made worse by bad policies like vaccine mandates that affected millions of American workers in the manufacturing industry and truckers who deliver the goods the former manufacture.

Besides that, the Biden government was paying workers to not go to work. Many manufacturers did not have enough workers to run their plants at a normal manufacturing rate, and many shipment companies did not have enough people to load and offload cargo being shipped to ports in places like California, New York, Boston, and others.

Before taking on the job for Biden’s supply chain troubles, Cremmins was a National Security Fellow and Climate Affiliate Group Co-Lead at the Truman National Security Project. Try to get all of that one a business card. Geesh!

National Security Fellow and Climate Affiliate Group is a leftist foreign policy network, and Hunter Biden has been sitting on its board since 2011, when his father was Vice President. Others featured there are former Clinton administration Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former U.S. Senator Gary Hart (D-CO), and Obama Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano.

Hunter worked there until March 2019, according to archives of the website, and he eventually rose up to be the vice-chairman of the board. That means his time there overlapped with Cremmmin’s fellowship.

Cremmins also did work for the WEF which is chaired by Mr. Evil himself, Klaus Schwab. His WEF openly wants to abolish private property ownership, telling people they will own nothing but they will be happy. In other words, he and his rich associates will own everything and gain the wealth associated with it, and you will lease everything. The WEF people dream of a world where they control peasants like you and me while they live the life of luxury. If Aldous Huxley hadn’t already written Brave New World, think of the royalties Schwab could have gotten if he wrote that story today.

Klaus is a proponent of exploiting the climate change industry and the COVID-10 pandemic to push for the WEF’s Great Reset, which is kind of like the UN’s Agenda 21 where oligarchs (of course they won’t call them oligarchs) own and control everything and the little people will dedicate their work to making them happy.

Cremmins has also written several articles on the WEF website that focus on fighting climate change through use of the private sector.

“Beyond the disruptive and tragic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world finds itself facing a crisis like no other in every corner of the planet; the accelerated destruction of nature and the impacts of climate change. Although these issues have often been regarded in silos, we cannot ignore that they are inextricably linked,” explained Cremmins in a post from July 29th, 2021.

This frightening person also worked for CDP or the Carbon Disclosure Project that runs a Supply Chain program where she once served as its Senior Account Manager. That job entailed prioritizing sustainability (a word you will hear Marxist use all the time) and fighting climate change with the multinational corporations.

In short, this woman is the furthest thing from an America First philosophy. It’s more like America last. Climate change, sustainability, The Great Reset, and supply chain problems, all possibly manufactured for a possible future that will be good for those organizing it but not for you. That’s the type of people our current administration is hiring.

Rich Welsh

Rich is a conservative, syndicated opinion writer and owner of He writes about politics, culture, liberty, and faith.

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