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Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda Was Finally Put To Rest By Senator Kyrsten Sinema Who is ‘Unlikely’ To Support It’s Revival

It appears that Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has destroyed President Biden’s plan to resuscitate his already dead Build Back Better agenda, according to Axios.

Incidentally, the term “Build Back Better” is the phrase used by the high-ranking people behind The Great Reset. If you research it, you will hear globalist leaders around the world, especially among our European allies, using the term that came from Klaus Schwab’s globalist cabal using the evil World Economic Forum.


Privately, Sinema told donors that Biden’s Build Back Better plans of coming back are “unlikely” says a source that told Axios. That alone flattened the prospects that Democrats in Congress had to vote on a smaller bill by Memorial Day.

Democrats think the American people are too stupid to understand that breaking down an unpopular large bill into multiple smaller bills will not have the same devastating effects.

A source familiar with what’s going on told the outlet that no one reached out to Sinema with any framework of the shrunken Build Back Better plan that Senator Joe Manchin said he would support so long as it is a bill that addresses only climate change, prescription drug prices, updated tax code, and deficit reduction.

Sinema is focused on the China competition legislation, a $10 billion COVID relief bill, and the Electoral Reform Act.

If the Democrats wish to get any part of Biden’s BBB plans passed, they must have Sinema and Manchin onboard, unless RINO traitors like Mitt Romney (RINO-UT), Susan Collins (RINO-ME), or Lisa Murkowski (RINO-AK) decide to join the Democrats.

Biden said at the State of the Union address that he is willing to work with Manchin on a smaller bill (in an effort to fool the American people) and in response to that, Sinema pointed out that the framework of the bill hasn’t changed. The Arizona Senator’s spokesperson last month said, “Any new, narrow proposal — including deficit reduction — already has enough tax reform options to pay for it.”

“These reforms are supported by the White House, target tax avoidance and ensure corporations pay taxes, while not increasing costs on small businesses or everyday Americans already hurting from inflation,” the spokesperson added.

Democrats go Toys-in-the-Attic nuts when Manchin and Sinema go against their extremely radical agendas that would cause great harm to our country without ever considering that they are in red states and are simply representing what their constituents, who elected them, want them to do.

Sinema and Manchin are not unreasonable politicians. In fact, they still support a lot of bad Democrat policies. They just do not support things like spending trillions of dollars for things that do nothing but make government even more powerful, packing the Supreme Court, and especially getting rid of the Senate’s filibuster rule.

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