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Biden’s Anticipated Mask Mandate Shows His Desire for Extensive Control Over American’s Lives

One of the most controversial aspects of how our government handled the COVID-19 pandemic was the mask mandate. Most states required you to wear a mask whenever you went in public or in a setting where large groups of people gathered.

As if a government-mandated mask protocol weren’t ridiculous enough, Joe Biden wants to intensify the importance of the mask mandate

The assumed president-elect said that one of his main priorities after being sworn in will be “implementing mask mandates nationwide by working with governors.” and that “if they refuse than he will go to mayors and county executives and get local masking requirements in place.” Biden plans on detailing a seven-step plan to combat the coronavirus sometime on Monday.

Yes, you read that right. Biden wants to enforce a mandate that requires you to wear a mask at all times, and if he can’t do it through the governors of your individual sates, he will seek out county officials to impose his will.

This mask-wearing business has gone too far.

We aren’t even really sure if masks are effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19. Some have been approved by the CDC and WHO, others haven’t. Some materials work, others don’t. People still contract COVID-19 in public even if you wear masks. The bottom line is: the effectiveness of masks is suspect at best.

But that’s not what concerns the Left. In fact, it never has been.

Biden’s – and the Left’s – main desire for the next four years is control. They seek to control as much of our lives as possible, and the mask mandate is just the first thing they plan on doing should Biden become the next president. They want to dictate how you interact with people and will prevent as normalcy in our everyday lives from occurring.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking it will stop here. Freedom of religion, protecting the lives of the unborn, will all be attacked heavily in the next four years. They will stop at nothing to tighten their grip on your freedoms, and with each new scheme, their grip will only get tighter. If they will go so far as to mandate you to wear masks in your homes, taking away your right to free speech, property, bear arms, and anything else guaranteed by the Constitution will be small potatoes. This is the beginning of communism, and with each passing day, it will only get worse.

My fellow Americans, this is the first glimpse of tyranny you will have if this man gets into office. The next four years will be a test of how badly we want our freedoms to remain. I hope that you value your God-given freedom with your entire being and fight to keep it alive.

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