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Biden Wants to Enforce a Strict Mask Mandate as Soon as He is Sworn in

On Thursday, Joe Biden announced that he will mandate Americans to wear a mask for 100 days to stop the spread of coronavirus cases, starting on the day of his inauguration (assuming the election results are verified).

Biden’s comments come shortly after the U.S. recorded a new high in coronavirus-related fatalities on Wednesday at 2,804, according to data from John Hopkins University.

Once again, politics, common sense and compassion all come to a head at this juncture, and the Left has come up with a solution that they think will help prevent more deaths.

However, their is more than meet the eye underneath what Biden wants than just preventing the spread of a disease.

When the Left wants to enforce an agenda, they start with what they might call a reasonable compromise. They start their requests in small dosages that are palatable to the public and even their political opponents.

Take the pandemic as an example. At the beginning, Americans were told that we would only need to quarantine for two weeks to stop the rise in cases. However, thanks to well-placed political pawns and by creating a narrative of fear over the virus that actually has an incredibly low mortality rate, we have been in lockdown for eight months with no signs of safety restrictions being lifted.

However, they never stop with that small seemingly insignificant compromise. If you need more evidence, just look at how they have handled things like gun control, abortion rights, LGTBQ+-friendly policies, etc. They always have a plan that extends far beyond the scope of whatever compromise they start with, and their plan usually expands to enact freedom-eradicating regulations that contradict the Constitution.

Furthermore, we have seen over the past eight months that extensive lockdowns and health precautions do not solve anything. Sicknesses spread, regardless of our best efforts. We can not continue to put America and her people in handcuffs.

But Biden and the Left do not care about that. For them, it is never about changing doing what’s right by American people. It’s about seeing just how much power they gain through maneuvers like this one.

So while Biden’s plan to have Americans wear masks for 100 days after his potential inauguration might seem okay, the Left’s past on what they do with compromises (and their overall difficult relationship with honesty) should leave people with a strong sense of uneasiness.

The saying goes that in certain situations if you “give someone an inch, they’ll make it a mile.” Biden is trying to get an inch through this potential mandate, and I have a feeling American’s will not like the mile he will likely turn this into.

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