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Biden Wants More Oil Production… Congressional Dems Want Less… They’re All Over the Place [VIDEO]

While Biden says he wants more oil production, Democrats in Congress are saying the opposite.

During an appearance on Fox Business Network‘s “Evening Edit” on Thursday, House Oversight Committee Ranking Member Representative James Comer (R-KY) said there is “whiplash” with the Democrats’ energy policies because President Joe Biden is now arguing for oil companies to increase their production, yet just a few months ago House Democrats on the Oversight Committee were arguing that oil companies need to cut down production. So, which is it?

Comer said, “I don’t think the Democrats really understand what’s going on here.” He believes the Democrats are in full panic mode over the coming midterm elections and they’re just trying to build poll numbers.

Comer said, “Well, the Democrats in Congress must be having whiplash right now. Because, just a few months ago, the Democrats had the oil executives in front of my committee, the House Oversight Committee, and asked them if they would pledge to cut production. Now, we have the president of the United States demanding that the oil companies increase production. So, I don’t think the Democrats really understand what’s going on here. All they know is they’re polling bad and the midterm elections are right around the corner. And they just got a wake-up call with that special election in Texas.”

Why in the wide wide world of sports would Democrat members of Congress ask for a pledge from oil companies, or any company for that matter, to produce less of what they manufacture? The only industry I can think of right off the bat where reducing the workload would benefit the consumers is Congress.

During the previous administration, at least you could tell that President Donald Trump geared every move he made to benefit American workers. That was his agenda, to make America great again, and it showed in everything he did. Not so under the Biden administration where everything they do is to benefit the ruling class. After Trump’s first two years, the Democrats took control of the House and from them on it was a constant battle for him to continue to fix the country to benefit the American people. The one constant with Democrats is they never have the American people in mind when they govern. It’s always about gaining more power for the government as they rule it. Maybe that’s why the Democrats have moved Hell and high water to see that Trump can’t run again in 2024, first with their second phony impeachment after Trump had already left office, and now with the phony January 6 Committee Stalinist show trial.

Host Elizabeth MacDonald reminded us that the Biden administration is still fighting in federal court to uphold President Joe Biden’s ban on oil and gas leasing offshore and on public land while at the same time the President is trying to coerce the oil companies to increase production.

MacDonald said, the “White House is attacking an industry. The Biden White House just asked a Louisiana federal judge, Congressman, to uphold the president’s ban on new federal oil and gas leasing and they want to now limit fuel exports. We’ve never seen a government attacking a US industry like this.”


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Comer said, “Well, the Democrats in Congress are joining Joe Biden. They want to attack every big, profitable company in America. What they don’t realize, in addition to how badly we need cheap oil in America, is the fact that the energy industry provides good-paying jobs, many union jobs. So, they’re attacking their own people who they claim they represent in working-class America. So, it makes no sense. It’s bad policy. They’re punishing working Americans by forcing them to pay more at the pumps, and they’re punishing the people in the energy industry who work and have good jobs and are able to afford nice things for their family because they work hard in a good industry like the energy industry.”

Rich Welsh

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