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Biden Transition Team Has Leader Who Worked For Top Defense Officials In Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army

Patrick Schaefer, who is a top-ranking member of Joe Biden’s transition review team, praised the Communist Chinese Party’s “One Belt and One Road” initiative.  He also suggested that the United States help with the enterprise on top of partnering with a Chinese military-linked think tank.  Wait, what?

Schaefer serves on the US Trade Representative review team.  That body oversees the International Trade Commission and the Trade and Development Agency, previously served as an Eisenhower Zhi-Xing Fellow.

VIPKid, an online learning service, funds the fellowship.  They have an undisclosed amount of funding, which comes from a firm called Tencent, another Communist Chinese Party-linked company.  This technology company was flagged by the US State Department as lacking the “ability to tell the Chinese Communist Party ‘no’ if officials decide to ask for their assistance.”  They are thought to be just as dangerous as Huawei, and Biden has this man on his transition team.

The question is, did the Communist Chinese Party order Biden to have this man on the transition team?  You see, so in the back pocket of the Communist Chinese Party is Joe Biden, and the entire Biden crime family, that we will be asking questions like this for the next four years if Donald Trump doesn’t prevail in his efforts to prove the Democrats stole the election from him.  Will Biden do an apology tour in China like his former boss?

Schaefer used his Communist Chinese Party connections from his Eisenhower fellowship to partner up with a Chinese state-run think tank that has considerable ties to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army.

Apparently Schaefer created a partnership with the Chinese government think tank, the Shanghai International Shipping Institute.

This is too much at this stage of the game.  Biden has no problem letting the American people see he has hired people who have ties to the Communist Chinese Party?  This can’t be good, especially when we know what China’s goals are, to take over the United States as the world’s leading superpower.

This guy did research for the group that was used by “local, state and federal decision-makers” inside the United States and China.  The Shipping Institute put Paso del Norte region on the map as an influential trade hub that was impacted by recent trade wars between the US and China.  The data will be used by local, state, and federal officials who are heading up opportunities that will strengthen economic growth in the US and China.  A Biden administration would have China First instead of Trump’s America First.

The US government has described China’s Belt and Road initiative as China’s attempt to “reshape international norms, standards, and networks to advance Beijing’s global interests and vision, while also serving China’s domestic economic requirements.”  But they’re nothing for us to worry about, right?  I mean, Joe Biden told us that.

“Through One Belt and One Road and other initiatives, China is expanding the use of Chinese industrial standards in key technology sectors, part of an effort to strengthen its own companies’ position in the global marketplace at the expense of non-Chinese firms. […] Given Beijing’s increasing use of economic leverage to extract political concessions from or exact retribution against other countries, the United States judges that Beijing will attempt to convert One Belt and One Road projects into undue political influence and military access.”

To even consider having someone like this on a presidential transition team is a clear sign that we need to be worried.  You would think that after all the allegations that have come forth against Joe and Hunter Biden’s ties to the Communist Chinese Party via Chinese government-owned businesses, many with military connections, the Biden camp would hold off showcasing a Chinese government acquiescence at this stage.  You’d expect them to ease the traitorous behavior in time.

This one little discovery alone will raise more questions about whether or not Biden will be loyal to the United States or to his puppet masters in China who have him by the short hairs.  Joe Biden is compromised by Chinese money.  Biden’s ties to China, through his son Hunter who we have evidence was working for China through his father, have been reported by conservative media and either totally ignored or countered as a conspiracy theory by the mainstream media.  I suspect more and more will come out about just how compromised Joe Biden is as time goes on.  How long will the American people put up with it before they demand he be held accountable?

Special counsel should be appointed to investigate Biden-China connections

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